Here is the nice article which i  found and i want to share with you.There is no concept that you can't install linux on windows or windows on linux.It is easier to install linux on windows but there is one problem when you will install window on linux.Actually what will it do?It will overwrite the grub of linux.And you have to recover it..the details you can find here---
By default in the linux distros there is a firewall installed which is known as UFW.It doesn't have any gui interface so you can handle it by the terminal.Another distro of linux named LINUX MINT which is based on the ubuntu has included the graphical interface and known as GUFW.Now i am going to explain you how you can handle the firewall by the terminal.

Just go to the terminal and type--

sudo ufw status

(this command will show you the status of your firewall,if your firewall is off then it will show you by displaying that your firewall is inactive)

To activate your firewall--

sudo ufw enable

To deactivate your firewall--

sudo ufw disable

--You also have some option of firewall which has the gui feature like FIRESTARTER and CLAMAV which you can find in your software repositories.
First of all,i want to share my experience with all you guys.Mainly this problem comes in ubuntu 9.10(KORMIC KOALA),if you have installed the linux using the wubi installer.I have installed it and had updated it.After updation it was asking for reboot.So,i have just rebooted my system.When i again come i was unable to go in the ubuntu.When i click on ubuntu a black window was coming with SH:GRUB>


Well it is because of the your legacy can find the version of your grub by typing this in  terminal---

sudo grub-install -v

Actually when you update the system,a new grub(grub2)  overwrites this and corrupts the wubi installer.


Linux Os doesn't support .exe format and if you want to install any .exe file in linux then you have to do a little bit extra work.In Ubuntu, we have WINE to run .exe files.

WINE installed or not??

Just check if you have wine installed or not by writing this in terminal as in the image--

$wine --version

Now if you have, it will show you the version.

                             (click  to enlarge)

--If you do not have then you can install it by typing this command in terminal--

  $sudo apt-get install wine

--Now the wine is installed.follow these steps-
   1. Go to counter-strike.exe setup.
   2. Left click on it.
   3. Mount it with wine application loader.

Now your game will be installed!!!!


See this video- Cs on Ubuntu
For any song or any file--

just go to the terminal and write-- wget -c url of your file
( If you include the -c it means that the file can be resumed if you lost the connection at any stage)

For youtube videos--

1)-First of all you have to download a dl file which you can download just by writing in the terminal-- sudo apt-get install youtube-dl

After it's download just go to the terminal and write--

youtube-dl url of your video
Well,it is very simple.You just have to follow some steps--
1--First of all go to this
2--Click on the THEMES OR ICONS.This will display a lot of themes and icons.Just download it.
3--Extract it on your desktop for the easiness.
4--Now go to the home folder and press CTRL+H.This will show you a lot of hidden folders.
5--If you want to change the icons then place the extracted folder in the .ICONS folder and for themes place it in the .THEMES folder.If you are unable to see this then just make it by clicking on the new folder and named it .ICONS.
6--Now come to the desktop and press the left key.Go to the set desktop background.
7--Click on the customize button and go to the icons tag.Select your new icons and click ok.
8--THAT's IT!!!!
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