If you are using an older BIOS version (usually for PC's)

1. Reboot the system and press and hold DEL key (this'll open the BIOS Setup).
2. Goto Advanced Bios Features.
3. Then in the first boot device option select USB drive.
4. Press F10 to save changes and quit.

If you are using newer version (usually for Laptops)

1. Reboot the system and press and hold F12.
2. Then from the list choose the option of USB drive.


To create a bootable pen drive you need iso image of your ubuntu or live cd.

1. Insert the Live CD (if you are using Live CD).
2. Goto System>Administration>Startup Disk Creator.

3. In Startup Disk Creator you'll see two boxes.
4. In the upper one either select the CD you inserted or Browse to the iso image.
5. In the second box choose the removable drive which you want to make bootable.

6. When you are done just click on Make Startup Disk button at the bottom, and sit back for few minutes.

/** to know how to boot by a pen drive view the other post on this blog **/
Some days before i had to uninstall oracle but for the complete removal i had to remove some files from  my registery also.as you all know registery can be opened by just writing regedit in your run prompt.but every time when i was going to run this command ,i saw only this type of error--

"Regedit hs been disabled by your administrator."

So i started to search on net,i found many commands like gpedit.msc and some copy-paste code.I tried these things but these were of no avail.what worked for me i am going to share with you.Registery may be blocked by some viruses.Here are some steps how you can unblock it---
         cd /d %userprofile%\desktop
  • After hitting enter write this--
           wscript.exe reg_enable.vbs
  • Again hit enter,close the command prompt and run the regedit command and this time your registry will be unblocked.

To create partitions from ubuntu you need a Ubuntu live cd or you can download the iso version of your ubuntu from internet and make a bootable usb drive.


1. boot from the live cd or usb drive.

2. after a while you'll see two options "try ubuntu" and "install ubuntu". select the option of try ubuntu.

3. go to system>>administrator>>Gparted.

4. in the poped up window you will see the visual representation of your full HDD and all the available partitions.

5. do all what you want and then click on the green tick mark.

you're done :)

NOTE: gparted will not do anything before clicking on the tick mark so just relax and do all the experiments you want to do. when you are fully satisfied and all done then only click on green tick

You must know that linux doesn't support the .exe files.If you are a game freak then this is a kind of disappointment but you can use wine if you want to run the .exe files.But what is the best part of this? Most of the viruses comes in .exe files,and these viruses can't do anything in your linux systems.But how to remove viruses so that it cannot harm your windows operating system too.
  • First of all plug in your virus infected pendrive in the linux os.
  • Just open it without thinking!!!
  • You will see some of the locks placed just above some files,some files are--autorun.inf,regrev.exe etc.
  • Just deleted the files if you have doubt that it can harm your system.
  • Now switch to your windows os and you will not find any viruses...
open your terminal and install this application--

sudo apt-get install mencoder

after installing this application write this code in your terminal--

mencoder -idx input.ogv -ovc lavc -oac mp3lame -o output.avi

now this code will produce the output in the avi format which you can play from any media player!!!!!!
For this first of all you have to download an application named gtk-recordmydesktop. i think you all know how to download an application by using the terminal..but if you do not know then just do this.open your terminal----

sudo apt-get install gtk-recordmydesktop

once the application is downloaded, go here--

open it and select the area which you want to record.after the recording go to your top panel and stop the recorder by clicking on it.Notice that the video will be in .ogv  format which will not be supported by most of the media players.
To hibernate your system type this in your terminal--

$sudo   /etc/acpi/hibernate.sh

To put the ubuntu in the sleep mode--

$sudo   /etc/acpi/hibernate.sh

 To shutdown the ubuntu--

$sudo   telinit 0

To restart the ubuntu--

$sudo  telinit 6

*If you have installed the ubuntu by wubi installer then hibernate will not be possible.*
Although you can fire-up the GIMP to convert an image. An easier way is to use the Imagemagick software.If it is installed just install it by writing this in your terminal---

$sudo apt-get install imagemagick

Once installed, simply use the convert command. The command is intelligent enough to work out what you’re trying to do from the filenames you give it. For example, the following will use Imagemagick to convert filename.jpg into a bitmap file:

$ convert filename.jpg filename.bmp

If you’re converting an image into a JPEG file, which sacrifices image quality for file size, you might want to add the -quality command switch.

Here you can set a value between 0 (poorest quality) to 100 (highest
quality); better quality equates to larger filesizes. Most consider setting of between 60-80 good enough for most uses.

The following will convert filename.bmp into a JPEG image with a quality setting of 80:

$ convert -quality 80 filename.bmp filename.jpg
As you know that the windows cds are not free.Either we use the pirated one or from some of our friends who got the actual one..like i got when i purchased my laptop.

But  linux is an open source software, you do not have to purchase it..you can use the original free cd legally.i had ordered the ubuntu cd and it came to me within two weeks..without spending a single penny..just believe me...so many amazing features in free.i think you must try it if you work on the computers or laptop..enhance your skills..so how to do this-->
  • open your search engine and write this--request a free ubuntu cd.click on the first link.it will be https://shipit.ubuntu.com or you can directly go to this url.
  • Now click on the first link--desktop edition.
  • Now it will ask you for creating an account.don't worry no penny remeber!!!
  • Login by your account and fill the address where you want your cd must be delivered.
  • After finishing all the things,a message will be displayed in which it will be written that your cd will be delivered within 2or 4 weeks..
Now EnJoY!!!!
This application is only for the bloggers. What you do when you have to post an entry in blog? very simple,you open your browser, go to your site and post the entry..sometimes quiet cumbersome....
I have a trick for you, do as i am saying..
1. Open your terminal and write this--
sudo apt-get install gnome-blog
After the installation of this applocation,go to the application->internet->blog entry poster
2.When you will click on it,a window will be prompted asking for your username and password and give you the option for look for blog.
3.When you will finish all this, a new window will be prompted having a title -POST BLOG ENTRY...here you can write your post and make the world know what you have got!!!!
One of the best things about Ubuntu is the frequency of updates. It’s
nice to know your system has the latest security-patched software.
Yet this can also be annoying, because Update Manager seems to be
constantly pestering you to confirm new downloads. To bypass this,
and automatically download and install updates in the background,
open Software Sources (System -> Administration), click the Updates tab,
and select Install Security Updates without Confirmation under the Automatic
Updates heading.
This is a fast and very good way for opening images if you hate to go through the files just to open your images.You just have to open your terminal and type this---

$ eog filename.extension(like princess.jpg)

For the full screen view--

$ eog -f  filename.extension
There is a little funny thing which you can do with your terminal.For this first of all open your terminal and write this--

$ sudo apt-get install cowsay

As you know it will install an application name COWSAY. How do you feel by seeing this application?If you are thinking that it may be something related to the cow who will speak then you are right...

Now just write in the terminal--

$ cowsay "i am speaking"

If you look in /usr/share/cowsay/cows/, you’ll find other models that can be made to talk. Just specify the model using the -f command option (without the .cow extension). For example,to have Tux (the Linux mascot) appear instead, type the following:

$ cowsay -f tux "I am speaking too"

For a little fun, add one of these commands to the end of your .bashrc
file (to edit the file, type gedit ~/.bashrc). Then you’ll see it every time you open a terminal window or log in at a virtual console.

If you ever get the chance to work on the linux mint then you will  see  the real implementation of this funny thing.

How we do this in the Window? I know you all know the answer by the TASK MANAGER but how you can end the halted programme in the UBUNTU? It is very simple and you will love to do this---
  • Press the ALT+F2 keys.
  • A window will be prompted, you just have to write the XKILL in the blank space and press ok.
  • A cross mark will be appeared like you see in the danger mark.
  • Move this mark with the help of the mouse to the halted programme and click on it.
  • Now that programme will be disappeared.
THAT'S IT!!!!!
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