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You can encrypt any file or folder just by pressing right click on it.But before this you have to do something-->

  • Open your terminal and run this-->
         sudo apt-get install seahorse-plugins
  • After this restart nautilus by executing this command-->
        killall nautilus && nautilus &
  • Now go to Applications--Accessories--Password and Encryption keys.


  •  Click on the PGP key.


    •  Give your full name and e-mail id, not necessary to go in the advance tools if you just want to encrypt the files or folders.
      • After this, in the next prompt assign the password,this password will be used to open the lock of  encrypted files. 
        • That's it,just go to any file,right click on it and you will be able to see ENCRYPT option listed there. 
        •  Just click on the Encrypt and put a tick mark in front of your information.
        •  Now the decrypted file will be shown to you with a .pgp extension.
        • To decrypt it,provide your assigned password.
        • That's it!!!   

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