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Hi friends,
Today i'll tell you how to setup your gmail account in evolution.
1. First you have to enable either POP or IMAP accessing from you gmail account settings.

Goto Forwarding and POP/IMAP tabs and enable POP or IMAP as you want (marked with red in the screenshot below).

Don't forget to click on Save Changes.

Now start the Evolution client and click on forward, it may ask you for recovery, uncheck it and move forward.

Then in the next tab enter you full name and email address. Leave the optional fields blank.

Now in the next tab choose the option that you enabled in your gmail setting(POP/IMAP). Both will work fine, but i prefer IMAP (no particular reasons).

Don't forget to change the server name to imap.gmail.com OR pop.gmail.com as per your requirement.

Now next tab will ask you for Receiving options, set them as displayed in screenshot, in case of POP you'll only receive first three options.

Then next tab will be of Sending Mail options.
If you wan't to send email using you email client then configure this option or leave it as it is and move forward.

by default "Server requires authentication" option will be unchecked. Check it and give any encryption if you want. Choose the Authentication type LOGIN and enter your USERNAME.

Then in the next and final tab, client will ask you for any name that you wan't to be displayed in your client for your account management. Miine is XAERO, choose your own as per your choice.

Open the Evolution and click on mail. Client will ask for you password, enter your email password. If everything worked fine you'll see a page like following screenshot.

Please comment you feedback, any suggestions or queries.

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