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Today I'll tell you how to install ubuntu 10.04 desktop edition in a drive when there is windows already install.


First you need to choose a partition and empty it (backup the necessary data on the partition and empty it as we have to delete this partition).

Boot from live CD or a USB pendrive. How to Boot from a live CD or USB drive is mentioned in another post of this BLOG.

After booting you'll see two options Try Ubuntu 10.04 and Install Ubuntu 10.04. Choose the option Try ubuntu 10.04.

It will guide you to desktop.

On desktop open Gparted. System>Administration>Gparted.

This is a partition manager just like partition magic of windows.
In this you can see all your partitions. Delete the partition you emptied and leave the space unallocated.

Now close Gparted and from two options on desktop choose the one to install ubuntu10.04.

Now Choose the Language you speak

Select your TIMEZONE.

Select your keyboard layout, if you don't know what it is, leave it as it is and move forward.

Now in select partition window choose "use the largest continuous free space", this'll select your drive that you just deleted from Gparted.

Now enter your details.

Are you ready.

Installation screen.

Happy installation. :)
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