hi friends,
Today i'll share with you how to make your dell bluetooth headsets (DELL BH200) working on ubuntu.

Step 1:
ubuntu bluetooth manger is not a good one, to connect with your headset you have to download blueman bluetooth manager. This you can download from ubuntu software center.
Applications>>Ubuntu Software center

Step 2:
after installing this bluetooth manager delete any pairing you created earlier.
Now you'll see two icons on the top, one of the default bluetooth manager and other is of new one.

Step 3:
open the new one and put your headset in discovery mode by pressing the power button till the blue light start blinking.

Step 4:
Search the device in this bluetooth manager.

Step 5:
when the device is visible select it and click on setup button, enter the passkey as 0000 and wait to connect.

Step 6:
if for some reason the manager is unable to connect then right click on DELL BH200 and select trust.

Step 7:
now right click on the device and select setup and select A2DP Sink (Send Audio) and click on forward.
Now you can see a green dot signal on the new bluetooth icon on the top.

when your device will be connected you'll see the following window.

Step 8:
Now open System>>preferences>>sound.

Step 9:
Click on Hardware tab and change the profile setting at bottom to High Fidelity Playback A2DP.

Step 10:
Now click on output tab and select DELLBH200 as the output device...

we are done :)
your headset will work now :P

One more thing, in the heading i mentioned only about DELL BH200 because i only tested on this headset only. Please try this on other headsets and it this method works please post it in the comment.
thank you....
I am sharing two very famous books on linux.I hope you will like it-->

                                                             download here
You must have been using bittorrent or utorrent for downloading any torrent file.Well, you can create torrent of any file by yourself and send it to your friends so that they can download softwares/movies by your created torrent.So, let's see how to do it-->
  • Open your bittorrent and go to File->Create new
  • This will open a window like this-->
  • Now browse for the files which you want to share by torrent.
  • After this come to the tracker section and put any one of the below links in the tracker box-->
  •  Now just hit create and save button.
  • Your torrent file is created!!!! Save it wherever you want.


As you know rm command doesn't have trash facility,means it doesn't send files to the Trash,it completely remove them.By doing some modification in your .bashrc, you can redirect the files to trash if you do not want to completely remove them.

  • Open your terminal.
      $sudo gedit ~/.bashrc
  • At the bottom of line add this line -->
        $alias trash="mv -t ~/.local/share/Trash/files --backup=t"

  • Save the file, close Gedit, and open a new terminal window to test your new command.
  • Now if you have to remove a file like file1.txt, just type this-->
       $trash file1.txt 

  • It will work on the folders too and if you have to remove multiple files then just put it one by one.
      $trash file1.txt file2.txt

  • That's it.enjoy!!!!

you may know many techniques to install and remove softwares from your ubuntu pc but it is not bad to learn new one..some of you may know this but if you do not know then from here you will get to know.So now,let's start it--
  • first of open your terminal and type this-
      $sudo aptitude

     * you can also start by typing just aptitude but later it will ask  you to enter       your password if you are going to download or uninstall some packages.Choice is yours!!!

  • This command will open a new window where you can see all packages listed in different sections like installed,uninstalled etc.
  • One thing you must notice that it has a command line interface so mouse will not work here!!
  • You can see different options listed at the top--
  • Use arrow keys for navigation, use enter key for seeing the different options listed inside the particular section.
  • If you want to install/uninstall some package just go to it and hit the 'g' key.
  • In this i am installing a package.
  • When the package will be installed you will be redirected to main terminal.
  • Now you can check by going in the installed sections that the package numbers will be incremented.
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