I am planning to cover a series of articles on android phones and python.I started hacking in this field few days ago..and believe me it is just too awesome!!! But unfortunately there will be some delay publishing future articles on this topic...because i am stepping into professional's life and i will be under training for atleast 2months.Meanwhile, Xaero will be here with some very interesting posts...


*If you guys know how to take screenshots of android phones without rooting my phone and without installing sdk things, then please tell me(specify it in comment!!).Till then, i am using screenshots from internet..

1. Go to this page using your android phone and click on the given barcode-  DOWNLOAD

2. After installation you will be able to see SL4A icon-

3. When you launch this application, you will see this box. Just hit accept button.

4. Blank screen when nothing is installed.

5. Now, we need to add python interpreter.

6. There is only one shell icon, you can write shell scripts using shell terminal but our aim is to add python interpreter.So, we need to move ahead.

7. To add python interpreter, tap on following highlighted icon.

8. You need to download this file.

9. Install this application.