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So lets C how to give your chroot environment a Screen.

I use the application Xnest to give screen to my maverick chroot environment.
Xnest is an application that Xnest opens a window that works like another screen in which the user can open windows, etc.
You can find more information about Xnest on this page:

Xnest can be installed by:
sudo apt-get install Xnest

To start a new screen execute the following command.
Xnest -ac:1
'1' is the display number for the screen.

Now open a new terminal and get into your chroot environment by:
sudo chroot /var/chroot/maverick

To export the display of chroot to the screen we just created, execute:
export DISPLAY=localhost:1

Now when you'll execute any GUI application into chroot eg: emacs, the output will automatically be exported to the screen.
But still without the desktop environment chroot seems to be incomplete.

You can install any desktop as per your choice. I prefer ubuntu-desktop, to install it execute:
sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop

now start the gnome session by:
start gnome-session

Its done :)

my next post will be how we can create a separate partition as home folder, so than in case if we need to format we don't loose our precious data. Plus, on installation of any new distro we can use that partition as home partition and share all the data :)
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I strictly recommend gcc like any linux user.You can use turbo c just to check why gcc is more powerful than turbo c.After installation, run this programme-

float j= 1000*1000;

 You will get different outputs.

Now, how to install?? You just need two things-
  • DosBOx
  • Turbo C setup
For installation of dosbox, go to your terminal and run this--
sudo apt-get install dosbox

For installation of turbo c setup,use this link --


Now, unpack the archive and put it in your home folder.
Now, open the dosbox by going to  application-->games-->dosbox  
OR   Open your terminal-->write dosbox

Now you have to install it first--
If the setup is in your home folder then--

>mount c ~
>cd turboc (folder name)
 This will open a tubo c window,keep pressing next unless you find start installation...when the installation will be completed you will be able to find TC folder inside your home folder.

Now we have to mount it--
>cd tc
>cd bin

Now, this will open turbo c window.
Alt+ Enter = fullscreen and press it back to come into normal form.


Video Version:- See here for Video

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