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In this tutorial I will tell you "how to install Qt in ubuntu".Qt is basically used for making gui applications.i will also show you how to run a simple “Hello World” application without any IDE.So, here are the steps of installation---

  • Now, if you want a IDE also then click on the Qt SDK after selecting your version.

  • This will start your downloading, when downloading will be finished it will ask about the installation,just install the setup.When the installation will be completed,you will be able to see an icon on your desktop. This icon is basically your Qt creator IDE icon.There are so many tutorials on youtube for making simple application on this IDE.                             
      Here are the steps for running a simple application manually—
  • Install qt4-qmake by this command--   sudo apt-get install qt4-qmake 
  • Create a .cpp file.(you can find one from here)—
  •            Make a directory in your home folder and paste this .cpp file inside this folder(it is compulsory to make a folder).
  •           Open your terminal and browse to your newly created directory with the help of a Cd command.
·                    Now, run these commands—
  1. qmake –project 
  2. qmake 
  3. make
  4. ./(your directory name because if you open a directory you will be able to see an executable file with the directory open and as we know this executable file will show the output).


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  1. An interesting but unreliable and unproductive reason for less fans of the Qt Creator is that, it is very much bulky and may occupy about 1 GB of the storage space even without the whole Qt SDK..Qt Creator IDE Ubuntu : Ubuntu Development Environment