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You can create backup very easily by using Deja dup can download it from Ubuntu Software Center.
After installation you can find it here--
Appplications-> System Tools-> Deja Dup Backup tool

The main reason of using Deja Dup tool is its simplicity.You can get to know what to do just by seeing its Gui.When you first click on it, you will get this--
Now even a novice user can tell by clicking back up you will create the backup of your files and by clicking on restore , a user will be able to restore his files...
Now go to the Edit-> Preference.This will open this window...

Here you can specify your backup location,it can be any remote site or your local hard drive.if you want to encrypt your backup files then click on checkbox given below.Now click on the Files tab--

Now in this,you can specify what folders and files, you want in your backup folder,you can include any folder just by hitting add button and you can remove any folder just by hitting remove can also set the schedule by hitting on schedule tab..

My backup files--


Click on the restore button, you wil see this--

And these are my restored files(see where the files are mounted, on a hard disk)-

Link for reference and troubleshoot--

Deja Dup help

There are also some very famous backup tools but they are a little bit complex in working than this tool...

These are -- Clonezilla and partImage

Tutorial of clonezilla and partImage

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