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There may be more then one ways for this but i am going to tell you about a very simple application which is called-- Clamav

open your terminal and type-

sudo apt-get install clamav


After installation run this command to update your clamav's database.

sudo freshclam

Removing Enemies-
To check all files, run this command in terminal--

clamscan -r /

If you want to check some particular files(like windows) then first of all mount it(just click on the drive).

You can check whether the particular file is mount or not by running this command in your terminal--

sudo mount

Now, if you are able to see that the particular file is mount then just run this command-

clamscan -r --exclude=.avi --remove=no /media/ExtraSpace(my drive)

-r=for recursively checking
--exclude= if you want to exclude avi files, for image files use jpg or can also use comma to put more than one format
--remove=you can put yes or no here.if you put no then it will not remove any file and show you a list of the infected files.
In last put your files which you want to check.


For more reading about clamav go here--
clamav guide

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