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These instructions are to remove the prompt for a password when using the sudo command. The sudo command will still need to be used for Root access though. 

Edit the sudoers file

Open a Terminal window. Type in sudo visudo. Add the following line to the END of the file (if not at the end it can be nullified by later entries):

Replace  with your user name (without the <>). This is assuming that
Ubuntu has created a group with the same name as your user name, 
which is typical. You can alternately use the group users or any other 
such group you are in. Just make sure you are in that group. This can 
be checked by going to,  
System->Administration->Users and Groups 


Type in ^x to exit. This should prompt for an option to save the file, type in Y to 
save and after that hit enter, you will be back to the test it by executing 
any command.

Log out, log back in. This should now allow you to run the sudo command without being prompted for a password.

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  1. Few of my friends are facing problem in finding sudoers file.
    Its in /etc/sudoers
    And friends please make backup of any such file before editing them.

  2. Some of my friends are also facing problem in using visudo. Friends you can use any text editor like vi/emacs/gedit/kate. just type
    sudo vi/emacs/gedit/kate


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