Listening podcast is one of my ways to kill idle time. So i was wondering if there are some podcasts based on linux and ubuntu which i can use for listening purpose and it would be good for me to know some better things in my free time.i searched a bit and found a good site.This site is called-


I downloaded one of the podcasts.This episode is known as "Everyday things which you can do with linux".
It is about 30 mintues long.The size of podcast is about 21mb. Every podcast has different length based on the contents of that podcasts.The contents of particular podcast is written pointwise on the site. I think this is really helpful because you can easily get to know what that particular podcast is going to offer you.

I am not a native english speaker.But i love to hear english songs.So, if i have to listen some song then first of all i look for its lyrics.Sometimes it becomes annoying because everytime i am not able to find lyrics of the song.Today, i got to know a very awesome application which solved my this problem.This application is known as MiniLyrics.

*Currently, MiniLyrics is not available for Ubuntu...:(


1. Download from here- MiniLyrics
2. Normal installation process - installation instruction
3. It will be automatically added to your windows media player.just like this-

   4. You must have internet connections to view the lyrics of songs.Besides it , you don't have to do anything.The lyrics box will be automatically popped out.
   5. For vlc player see these instructions- instructions
There are a lot of applications for gmail notifications.But i think gmail-notify is simple to install and work on.It is good for the people who regularly check their mails but who don't want to login to their gmail account everytime.So, here is a process-

1. Open your terminal and write this command-
    sudo apt-get install gmail-notify

2. You can check it by going to Applications->Internet->gmail-notify
3. You have to configure your gmail account before using it .It is very simple.Just put your username and password  with the browser name and write nothing is done.
4. Now, you will be able to see a Mail icon at the right corner of your screen.

5. You can also add it in your startup programs so that everytime you login, your gmail-notify will greet you with some new mails.
6. Go to System->Preference->Startup Application and click 'add', specify your application name by 'gmail-notify'.

7. That's it!!
I use TeraCopy in windows to copy my files from one place to other place..why??because it copies file faster,i can stop and resume download..i was wondering if there could be a software in Linux OS for copying file like this..good for me, i got one!!!

This software is known as UltraCopier and is available for different platforms..but who cares!! we just want it for Linux..

size- 530kb
Download it from here-- Download

Complete SCreenshots are here-- Screenshots
This was my first interview.We were called in a batch of 10 students,i hadn't seen a naval officer before this incident in my whole life, so i was quite nervous.After long 45 minutes wait, we were called in an auditorium.We were requested to be seated.He asked us, "Tell me about yourself, your hobbies,likes and dislikes and for this you have 5 minutes."So, the process started with one of my friends and he spoke very well.My heart was pumping so fast that i could even listen the sound of my heart first time without any medical equipment.So my number came after 5students.Yes, I was 6.I completed my intro within 2mins but it was too short, after 2seconds i thought i should have tried to elongate it..But i had already played my stroke.

But i did mention one thing in my hobbies-" I have a blog and i write about Linux." And i was 100% sure that he would not ask any question further.Why?? because naval officer and Linux..come on!! NO LINK was there!!

But he asked these questions-

Officer- "Ok 'UNIX' ,But there are so many blogs about UNIX then why do you write about it"?
 Me-     "(literally shocked by the knowledge of that person) Sir, i am just a newbie and it is not very popular in my college, so i am trying to make it popular so that they can come and take a  glimpse of this OS(while i was answering there were so many thoughts crawling in my mind but this is what i told him)
Officer- But...ok, ok!!! (He was trying to ask something again but stopped)

After this there was a GD round for 15 minutes!!!

 I was surprisingly selected for the Next Round, only 2 were selected..but i never wanted to be a naval officer so i didn't go for the next round!!!

It was a very good experience for me because it was good to hear that persons from different field know about the open source technology..i firmly believe open source technology is not just a tool , it affects your thinking also, try to work on it, you will get to know!!!
This is not a tutorial of  "HOW TO RUN A SCRIPT"..actually i have seen a lot of people running a script in a more tedious is also possible to run a script like you run a simple command -( ls ).

Normal script running-

$chmod 755 Hello_World

Now, how can you run it like a simple command??

Whenever a command runs, like a simple ls command, some specific folders are checked for that can see the folders just by executing this command-

$echo $PATH

This will give a list of colon seperated folders , so if your command is in one of these folders then you don't have to use any additional prefixes.I think now you can guess, the process and logic behind this trick..
just add your folder in these colon seperated folders..and that's it!!

$mkdir bin                                          (making of folder)
$mv Hello_World bin                         (moving my script to bin)
$export PATH=~/bin:"$PATH"         (adding folder to colon seprated folders)
$echo $PATH                                      (verification)

Now, you can run your script like a normal command and one thing you should keep in mind whether you are using this trick or previous one, you have to make your script executable, you know how to do this..

$chmod 755 Hello_World

*this is a temporary trick, which will persisit only for the current terminal session and if you want to make it permanent then just edit .bashrc file.....

You can see here how to edit .bashrc file...

I have been an onlooker of incorrect pronunciation of this (Linux) word for so many times.Well, i know every person has different style of speaking and if you tell someone to correct something than you should have a strong valid proof to prove your point.I know the pronunciation is not a very big thing to deal with, main thing is your passion and willingness to work..and fun fact is that if you are working with some open source lover, he will correct you for sure!!!

Here, i am presenting you-  "Mr. Linus Torvald, The Creator of Linux Kernel 1.0", ok, i am not really presenting him, this is just a video which i am able to find on youtube..

**Listen to the last part of the videos very carefully..."Linux will always be Linux"

Linux is not very popular in India.Most of users spend their time on Windows because some of them do not want to come out of shell, do not want to explore new things and think that Linux is a bit difficult to work on..well. thank god !! Indian judiciary do not think like that.Because they are going to use Ubuntu 10.04 for approx. 17,000 courts and in every court there are at least 5 computers so total installation will be around 85,000.This is something  i am delighted to share with whole world!!!

official inforamation-


                                      SUPREME COURT OF INDIA


 C I R C U L A R

                           Free SMS Channel for Ubuntu-Linux tips, tricks & information

To maximize the awareness about the features & functionalities of Ubuntu Linux OS amongst the Judicial Officers, Technical Staff and the members of the Court Staff, a free Google SMS channel 'UBUNTU-LINUX' has been created to send free regular SMS of Ubuntu-Linux tips, tricks & information.

This channel can be subscribed by anyone having a mobile number. After sending the first subscription SMS to Google Mobile No. 9870807070, the delivery of regular SMS to the subscriber's mobile no. is absolutely free.

To subscribe to UBUNTU-LINUX SMS channel, the following SMS (in small or capital letters) is required to be sent to mobile No. 9870807070  ON UBUNTU-LINUX

This channel can also be subscribed through internet by visiting the link.On successful subscription, a confirmation shall be delivered on the subscriber's mobile. The subscriber shall soon start receiving regular free SMS about Ubuntu-Linux tips, tricks & information.

All the Judicial Officers, members of the Court staff and the technical manpower i.e. Senior System Officers, System Officers & System Assistants working under the eCourts project are invited to join this free SMS channel to get regular tips, tricks & information on their mobile to use Ubuntu-Linux more efficiently.

Any queries, suggestions or feedback about Ubuntu-Linux may be sent to--

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