I was looking for a better solution by which i can take the screenshots of my android phones.I tried google but most of the methods either require  installation of android sdk files or the critical rooting.So, i tried android market and got this amazing app.This app is known as Screen Capture Shortcut For Free.

How It Works?

After the installation of this app,just tap the icon and you will find a screen like this.

Here, you can see an option Capture from notification ,by default it is No,tap on Yes.

Now,the next option is Capture Delay,it just tells you after how much time it will take the screenshot of your selected screen.

Just go to your desired screen.Dropdown the notification area and tap on the screen capture shortcut notification,at the top of the screen.

After your desired delay time, it will capture the screen and store the pictures in your sdcard under ScreenCapture folder.

What About The Picture Quality?

Rate it by yourself:-

Usually, i do not write about the android tricks because there are so many blogs to cover these tricks but i am also an avid user of android  and i try to find out some new tricks to do my everyday things like downloading videos...


1.Go to this link- Freedi Youtube Downloader

   There are two download links at the bottom, i installed it from second link.

2.Before the installation of this apk file you have to check the installation from     Unknown Source in your android mobile.This you can do by going into Settings->Applications->Unknown Source

3.Now just install this application.

4.After the installation, just tap on the newly created icon.

5.Now you can download whatever video you want.

6.Use the search option to look for your desired video.Select your video by tapping on your video for some longer period of time.It will give you a lot of downloading options.

7.The downloading progress will be shown in percentage.

8.All the videos will be downloaded in your sd card under the folder- MicroMacro-Youtube

9.For detailed instructions, see this video on youtube-

 Detailed Instructions on Freedi

How much you know about Unity?

Unity first made its debut in 2010 in Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook Edition, but Ubuntu 11.04 marks the first time that the Unity desktop has appeared on netbooks, desktops, and laptops, alike.

Have you ever wondered about a guide in which you can get all information about the Unity? Many Ubuntu users are using Unity but do you know it completely or  is it just a new extra-added tool for you?

About This Guide:

  • This is 98 page e-book ( freely available).
  •  Everything is explained with the help of screenshots so you will not find yourself in Alice in Wonderland situation.
  •  No jargons are used and everything is explained in a very lucid way.
General Chapters List:

  • 'Unity in 15 Minutes' and 'Unity. How It All Fits Together' 
  •  'Personalizing the Launcher'
  • 'Using the Dash'   
  • 'What is  a Lens?'
  This is  a screenshot from this guide...


You will also find the answers of some frequently asked questions about Unity.

  • How to add applications to your launcher?
  • How to remove applications from your launcher?
  • Can I move my launcher from left side to the right side?
      Download this guide from here or you can search this guide on google by "Unity:Simplyfy Your Life".

In this post - IronPython and Ubuntu

 I have described how to run IronPython programmes in ubuntu.Now, i am going to talk about how to run IronPython programmes in windows.The steps are very simple and it is not going to take much time if you want to play with it.

If you are using Visual Studio then also you can create and run Python/IronPython applications inside Visual Studio as i described here- Python/IronPython inside Visual Studio

To run IronPython programmes, you need to install IronPython Console.I am not talking about IronPython Studio or such type IDEs here.I believe IronPython Console is the simplest way to check your IronPython programmes.

 Download from here.

After the installation, your Console screen will look like this-

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