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Hi friends,

How to apply themes and icons to ubuntu.

Though this is a very easy step but many of my friends who recently switched from windows to Ubuntu are facing problem in this. The thing is we are in habit of double clicking each and every .exe we find and this makes it difficult for us to adapt to Linux.

First you have to download the tarball of the theme you want to apply (tarball is .tar.gz or .tar.bzip file).

Get the tarball and extract is somewhere. You can simply right click on them to extract or you can use following command

tar -zxvf theme.tar.gz

Then you have to copy the theme folder into ~/.theme folder.

When you'll add your theme folder to ~/.theme you can see your theme in Settings>Preferences>Appearance

This is how you can install new themes, but sometimes installing new themes isn't enough, you might also need to install new icons.
To install new icons get the icons tarball from anywhere you wan't, best place is

Extract the tarball by right clicking or above mentioned command.

Then you have to copy-paste the icon folder into ~/.icon

Then you have to open Settings>Preferences>Appearance, you have to customize your theme.

Then you can find your icons there under icons tab.

After doing all the changes you'll get new themes set :)

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