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Hi friends.
I am posting this as an Introduction to a new distro called as Bodhi Linux.
This is the first time I am saying in reference to a technology :)

Here is the first look of the desktop that you'll get after login.
This distribution is using enlightenment [] desktop.
The things that made me its fan is that the graphics were as good as KDE (I really miss using KDE because of my buggy wifi card :( )
The second thing is its speed, its speed is like LXDE desktop. It was so fast that even after the animation also I was feeling like lagging behind.

I am sharing some of its features that might be little bit confusing for Gnome users.

1. Shelf: 
Instead of bar or panel its Default bottom bar is called shelf. Shelf is just like shelf in real life, you can put many things on it :). If you want you can remove all the shelves from the screen. It dont have restriction of one last bar. Shelf is somehow equal to AWN. I used the word 'somehow' because it lacks the 3D view feature.

2. Midori: 
 Enlightenment desktop uses Midori Web Browser. This is a less known browser as compared to Firefox and Chrome. I personally love Chrome more that any browser and Firefox's integration with Down Them all download manager. So I personally never give it a shot, but you guys should try, you may never know when you can find something better.

3. Ibar: 
Ibar is just like Gnome main menu, it will contain your quick launch shortcuts and the main menu option.

4. Itask:
 It is the kind of windows switcher.

The good thing about Ibar and Itask are you can add them directly to your desktop, you dont need a shelf or a bar to always hold them :)
Even you can add anything directly to desktop. Things added to desktop that are called Gadgets and they are just like widgets in KDE.
Some of you might find AWN or Docky not properly working in e17, I'll suggest you to try Engage. It is just like AWN :)

5. You can apply different wallpapers to different Desktops (though it slows desktop switching a bit but it switches desktop in a style :)).

6. Everywhere on dekstop is the menu, Left click and you can get anything. If you want you can change this to right click as well.

In beginning you might find it difficult to find few things, but guys stick to it for sometime it is good :)
In case you need any help you can post it in comments I'll try to solve your problem or you can also ask you question on

[Please leave your views about this distro in comments]

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