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First of all, you should have an Ubuntu One account.For creating an Ubuntu One account, you just have to click on the Ubuntu One icon.It is in your launcher.

You will be given 5gb of free space.You will have an Ubuntu One folder under the Home folder.Now, whatever you will put into it, you can easily access it from any corner of the world.But what if i have an android phone and i want to access all my shared files which are under Ubuntu one??

This is what i am going to cover here..

1. Go to Android Market and download this app- Ubuntu One Files

After the downloading and installation is finished, open it.You will be greeted with a beautiful interface.

2. As you can see, you will have two options here.You can Sign in or you can create your account.Well, i already have one so i am just signing in.

3. After signing in, you will be able to see your already shared files( these files i have shared through my laptop, though i am opening this app first time but because i am accessing the same Ubuntu folder, i am able to access all my files).

4. So, if you haven't saved any file earlier then you can do it with the help of this app also.And you will be able to access the shared files on your Ubuntu.

5. To upload any file, just tap the '+' icon at the right corner of the main page.You will be able to see a lot of options there.

6. I have chosen to upload an image, so i just tap on 'Add image'.Now, it will open your phone's gallery where the images are located, you just have to tap on the specific image to upload it on the cloud.

7. If the uploading is started, you will be notified like this.

 8. To see the uploading status, just see at your notification bar.

9. When your file will be uploaded, you will be notified like this.

Your file is successfully uploaded on Ubuntu One!!

Question: Will it be available under the Ubuntu One folder in My pc?

Answer: For the availability under your pc's Ubuntu One folder, the file must have to be downloaded and this will only be happening when you are connected to internet. Take an example of my case, i uploaded this image when i was at office.So, when i came back to home and connected my laptop to internet, That image got automatically downloaded to my laptop's Ubuntu One folder.

So, this is how you can create a link between your Ubuntu Os and your android phone.

Happy SynCing guys!!

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