In this post i am going to cover how to give your android phone an ubuntu's touch and feel.The most banal method is by using some launcher.Well, i am not an exception and i am also going to use the same method.The main problem is that there are so many launcher apps available in google play to make you fuzzy.So, you have to choose the right one.I already tried so many apps and i found this something special...

1.First of all download this app- Go Ubuntu Launcher Ex Theme

2.It is an extended version of Go Launcher so you should have Go Launcher installed in your android phone.This is the only prerequisite.

3.Wait a minute, if you just want to get a feel of this app then i am going to cover all the features here.At the end of the post if you find this app interesting, you know what you have to do..

4.So, i am starting from the main screen.The color and ubuntu icon are enough to make you feel that your phone has now an ubuntu soul.

5.If you tap on the little ubuntu icon, you will be able to see your widgets in some different dress while your screen will have some additional features like recent, all, running etc.

6.If you tap on the dotted icon,located in the right bar, you will be able to see some options like this.

There are 3 options to sort your apps.You can select any one of these according to your convenience.

New Folder:-
-First, select what files you want to put in your new folder, i named my new folder as 'New 1'.

-Just click 'ok' and you will be able to see your newly created folder in your menu.

Hide app:-

You can select list of apps and make them invisble.

 App Manager:-
It will give you details about app updation and app memeory consumption.

-You can also search your favorite app by using the search option which is located in the right bar of the screen,just tap on it and you will be greeted with a beautiful screen.

-With the help of the Recent, you can see what apps you have used recently and also clear all your history by janitor.

-The process of migration of your app from one screen to another is same as we do but the cute graphics make this little bit interesting.

That's it!! I hope, you guys will like this post..

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