It is a good thing to place your files in a managed way but what if you are like me and just place your files wherever you find some space.Well, i am not that much scattered person , i place my files in sort of managed way, not completely. But files keep accumulated at one place and after sometimes it becomes quite difficult for me to search some specific file, at the last what i remember only the extension type or sometimes name of the file if it is a movie!!
So, what to do? 
There is a particular command only for these kind of scenarios and that is ---- find

If you completely forget the location of file:

find / -name '*Total Recall*'
But i am not sure about movie name it could be saved as "total recall".So, i will use-

find / -iname '*Total Recall*'

*iname makes the search case-insensitive.

 Now, what if you know the destination folder of file:

I actually keep my movies in different folder, so if i am sure about the folder then i just have to search in that particular folder with the help of find command.In the given example i am mounting different drive other than the home.In this case i will write something like this--

find /media/MyStuffs/ -iname '*Total Recall*' 

If your files are in home folder-

find Downloads -name '*.pdf*'

What if you  know only the size of your file:

In this case, you will write something like this-

find / -size +700M

 This will search for the files larger than 700 Megabytes.

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