I have been searching for an ubuntu app which i can showcase on my blog. And my search ends at Minitube. If you guys love watching videos and hate searching for them then this app will surely bring a smile on your face.

How to Install?

  • Go to Ubuntu Software Center.
  • Type Minitube in search box.

  • Press on the install button.
  • You are done!!!

How to Use it?

  • When you launch the Minitube, you will be greeted with a very simple and easy to use interface.

  • Now, you just have to put a keyword to watch your videos.I put "Dance Tutorial" in that and hit watch button.

  • I hope your system is up-to-date because if it is not then you have to install some packages before watching your videos.

  • So, once everything is done you can watch your videos in very good quality.

  • Though the video quality is quite good but if you are not satisfied with the video quality then you can also increase the video quality from 360 p to 720 p to 1080 p by just clicking on the small icon present in the right bottom of the screen.

  • You can also download your favorite video by clicking on the down arrow sign at the top of the panel.This will by default save everything in videos folder.

In this post i will explain you a non technical and very interesting thing, as i promised some days ago on Tricks World facebook page.In this post i will show you how you can easily reach upto the global audience and share your ubuntu-stories and ubuntu-love with them.I will show you how i had done the same thing few years back.

You will be thinking like ,Ok, Praveen! But you know i am not a developer and i don't know any tips and tricks that are usually required for the magazines.I just love to do some cool things with my desktop and make it  'jaw-dropping'. In this case, my reply will be,"Ok! then just send the screenshot of your desktop and share your awesome-ubuntu-desktop with the world."

Like i did few years back-

My desktop screenshot got published in the 41st issue of Full Circle Magazine.Actually, this magazine has a lot sections and you can pick your sections.After my desktop-screenshot got published in magazine, i tried for another section -My story.

 This got published in 44th issue of Full Circle Magazine.

You can find all the information here - Full Circle Magazine
Download any issue and go to last page, you will find all the information at this page :-

*Before you see your awesomely written article in the magazine , you have to wait for some time.Just wait for two-three issue and you will surely be able to see your article in this magazine.

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