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In this post i will explain you a non technical and very interesting thing, as i promised some days ago on Tricks World facebook page.In this post i will show you how you can easily reach upto the global audience and share your ubuntu-stories and ubuntu-love with them.I will show you how i had done the same thing few years back.

You will be thinking like ,Ok, Praveen! But you know i am not a developer and i don't know any tips and tricks that are usually required for the magazines.I just love to do some cool things with my desktop and make it  'jaw-dropping'. In this case, my reply will be,"Ok! then just send the screenshot of your desktop and share your awesome-ubuntu-desktop with the world."

Like i did few years back-

My desktop screenshot got published in the 41st issue of Full Circle Magazine.Actually, this magazine has a lot sections and you can pick your sections.After my desktop-screenshot got published in magazine, i tried for another section -My story.

 This got published in 44th issue of Full Circle Magazine.

You can find all the information here - Full Circle Magazine
Download any issue and go to last page, you will find all the information at this page :-

*Before you see your awesomely written article in the magazine , you have to wait for some time.Just wait for two-three issue and you will surely be able to see your article in this magazine.

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