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Now Book your train tickets using Mobile Phone, anywhere and anytime WITHOUT using Internet connection.
There are two options to avail this awesome service.
1) SMS Based Booking:
  This service is currently offered by: 
   i) Bharat BPO :
     Book by sending message to 139.
     They have already explained step by step process.To get details, please click here.

  (ii) Frequency Weekly
      Book by sending message to 5676714.
      They have already explained step by step process.To get details, please click here.

(iii) Pyro Group 
     Book by installing BSNL PrePaid Card Application in your Java based phone.
     They have already explained step by step process.To get details, please click here.

 2) USSD (Menu-based dialing) :
  •      USSD Services are currently offered by:-
  •      Airtel Money 
         Please click here to get step by step details.

       I hope this step will make the 'ticket-booking' less burdensome...fingers crossed!!


    Lingot is a musical instrument tuner.It's accurate, easy to use
    , and highly configurable.  Originally conceived to tune
    electric guitars, it can now be used to tune any instrument.


    f- Estimated fundamental frequency in hertz
    ---Closest note to the estimated frequency according to the scale defined in  the lingot settings 
    e- Closest note to the estimated frequency according to the scale defined in the lingot settings. 

    Current Rating : 26

    gtkGuitune is a Linux program for tuning guitars and other instruments by using the method of Schmitt-triggering, i.e. counting the number of triggerings between two trigger levels in a certain amount of time.

    Current Rating: 13
    Please find the Part-1 of this post here.


    This is what USC says about it:
    Nitro makes tasks management super easy and awesome. It's super fast, simple and offline and can be used without an internet connection. Nitro also packs Dropbox and Ubuntu one sync.
    Nitro has a bunch of awesome features including:
    • Dropbox and Ubuntu One Sync
    • Magic Sort
    • Smart Lists
    • Search
    • Themes
    • Translations
    • Retina Support
    • Keyboard Shortcuts and more!

    Available Versions: 13.04, 12.10, 12.04

    Splashtop Remote Desktop App For Linux:

    This is what USC says about it:

    Splashtop Remote Desktop for Linux enables users to:
    • Access important files or photos on another computer without worrying about syncing, converting or compatibility issues.
    • Use MS Office, Silverlight and other Windows software without having to install it on a Linux.
    • Play HD movies and music from central media libraries without the hassle of transferring files Run graphic-intensive PC games on a powerful machine and play them from a portable Linux.
    • Watch HD videos streamed from a PC or Mac at up to 30 frames per second.
    • Access the latest IE browser to view ActiveX enabled websites from a Linux.

            Available Versions: 13.04, 12.10, 12.04

    CrossOver allows you to install many popular Windows applications on your Linux computer. Your applications integrate seamlessly into Ubuntu; just click and run. No rebooting, no switching to a virtual machine, and no Windows Operating System license required!
    CrossOver lets you run many applications such as Microsoft Office and Quicken. It also lets you run many Windows Games such as World of Warcraft, Steam, and many others.
    CrossOver is a polished and supported version of Wine - it is the best way to both use Wine and to support the Wine Project, as CodeWeavers is the primary contributor to the Wine project.
            Available Version: 13.04, 12.10, 12.04, 11.10

    Plex Media Server:
    Plex Media Server makes it possible to stream music, (local and online) videos and photos from your Ubuntu desktop to your TV, Roku box, Android phone, iPhone, Playstation 3, Xbox360 and many more clients. Read more about Plex over at
         Available Versions: 13.04, 12.10, 12.04, 11.10, 11.04

    Intellij IDEA 12 Community Edition:
    IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition free and open source version of IntelliJ IDEA, a premier IDE for Java, Groovy, Scala and Android applications development.
    • Intelligent code editor understanding your Java code, with refactorings, code inspections, intention actions and super-fast navigation.
    • Google Android development including latest SDK support.
    • JUnit and TestNG integration and a convenient test runner UI.
    • Maven and Ant-based project setup and building.
    • Unified UI and experience for most popular version control systems: Subversion, Git, Mercurial and CVS. Visual merge, diff and changelists.
    • Comprehensive Groovy programming language support. *Powerfull XML editor with XML-Java interoperability.
    • YouTrack and JIRA integration for task management and IDE context control.
    • The Swing UI designer for developing Java desktop applications.
    • Integrates with JetBrains TeamCity for continuous integration and pre-tested commit support.

      Available Version: 13.04, 12.10, 12.04

    This is what USC says about it-
    Welcome to Steam, the ultimate entertainment platform.Play games, connect with friends, even create and share content of your own.Join 50 million of your closest friends on Steam.Enjoy exclusive deals, automatic game updates, and cross platform mulitplayer.

             Current Rating:32

             Watch video here- Steam in Action


    This is what USC says about it-
    A casual bike skill game full of action and real dynamics.Motorbike comes with 80 original tracks, thousand of online tracks and a track editor to create you own tracks and share with other players.Select from different riders, bikes and landscapes.You will find motorbike easy to play but hard to master.

            Current Rating: 63

            Watch Video here- Motorbike in Action

    Master Pdf Editor:

    This is what USC says about it-
    Master PDF Editor is complete solution for view, print and edit PDF and XPS files.Fast and high quality display of PDF and XPS files.
    Adding, removing and changing text and/or images.Import XPS and PDF files to BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF with resolution from 80DPI to 600DPI.

             Current Rating: 89

    Youtube to MP3:

    This is what USC says about it-
    You like to listen to music on YouTube website but want to do it offline or your favorite portable player.You have found soundtrack of new movie on Youtube and want to save it to your music library as MP3.Then media human Youtube to MP3 converter is a best choice for you.

             Current Rating: 54

    Screencloud :

    This is what USC says about it-
    ScreenCloud is an easy to use screenshot tool.
    Take a screenshot using one of the 3 hotkeys or simply click the Screencloud tray icon.You can choose where you want to save your screenshot.If you choose to upload your scrrenshot to the screencloud website, a link will automatically copied to clipboard.You can share this links with your friends or colleagues via email or in an IM conversation.

             Current Rating: 37

     I will cover rest of the 5 apps in my next post!!

    Till then Enjoy!!

    Some months before, i had been given an extra task. The task was somewhat like this-

    • Had to take some excels sheets(count could be anything) from a folder.
    • Every excel sheet was having some codes. There were no limit for these codes.
    • Had to create separate excel sheet for distinct codes.Like, if there were  5 distinct codes in the excel then there would be 5 different excel sheets.
    • At last, i had to send mails attaching these excels.
      So before i automated all above mentioned things, ( Yes ! i did automate everything.) it used to take a lot of  time.So, i had to find out the way to make it less time taking. I chose VB.Script to code because of its easy syntax and better handling with excel files.
    Here , i am attaching my code for sending an email with attachment.

    * I have designed this code so that it can attach the files present in the folder as well as in the subfolders.

    So, First just look at the setup-

    Please find my code here - Send Mail With Attachment

    Below are the screenshots of setup, according to the code.

    Folder Setup:

    Save the code as .vbs on your desktop or anywhere.

    Once you are done just double click and you will something like this-

    Please let me know if you have any queries in comments!!!
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