While working on Sybase, you may have found error like this:

ct_connect(): directory service layer: internal directory control layer error: Requested server name not found.Establishing connection failed.

As we know , sybase looks for the two entries in case of any connection to database server.
1. IP Address
2. Port Number

These entries must be placed in the interface file (known as .ini file ) located in the Sybase folder.If somehow entries are not present in the .ini file. You will never be able to connect to the server.


Go to the Sybase folder -> INI -> SQL.INI

In my case this folder is installed on the application server under C: folder.

Go to SQL.INI  file...

Insert your server entries like mentioned below:

[your server name]


master= TCP,, 34057
query = TCP,, 34057

Now, you can use sybnrs_501 anywhere and this single entry will be enough  for both ( IP and Port Number).

If you are new to Ubuntu, you must be thinking there is only one place to install Ubuntu apps and that is Ubuntu Software Center. But, there are several alternatives available on the web.You can use any of it to install your favorite app. It won't be direct install as it happens in Ubuntu Software Center but it won't be complex either. In this post, I am going to cover one of the alternatives of Ubuntu Software Center :

Please visit here :Alternative Of USC

APPNR : An Alternative To USC Explained :

Appnr is a web-based package browser that install applications on Ubuntu. This is a web interface for APT system, and the package is downloaded and installed from Ubuntu/Third-party repositories. The AptURL Protocol Handler and a web browser support are required to install packages.

How To Install App?

  • First of all , you need to install AptURL protocol in Firefox.
  • Enter about:config in browser URL.
  • Go to Right click->New->String.

  • Type network.protocol-handler.app.apt in the Preference window and /usr/bin/apturl in the value window.

  • Again right click in the same window, and put these values:

                     Preference window: network.protocol-handler.app.apt+http
                     Value window: /usr/bin/apturl

 Restart your browser.

  • Now, just click on install button. As you click on the install button, a launch application  window will pop up.

  • Click on Choose button and select FileSystem->usr/bin->apturl.Your window will appear like this:

  •  Select apturl to install the applications.

Congratulation !! your app just got installed.

Just a week ago, the second Ubuntu Showdown Apps Contest has been launched. This contest will be up for 6 weeks. In this timeframe, anyone can build an app using new Ubuntu SDK and Ubuntu Touch platform and submit it for review.

Prize for the winners:

The top 3 winners will get LG NEXUS 4 phone running Ubuntu Touch with their application pre-installed. Awesome !!

Also, each of the winner will have the opportunity  to have their application included in the default Ubuntu install images for phones and tablets.

How to Install Ubuntu SDK:

Open your terminal.

Type below mentioned command:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-sdk-team/ppa && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-sdk

Please find the details here : Go Mobile

How to Participate:

Details here...

How to Develop Apps:

Write your app using HTML5 in Ubuntu.Please find the details here.

A CookBook:

The App Developer Cookbook is a collection of short examples, how to’s and answered questions from our developer community. In the sections below you will find information about how to perform common tasks, answers to frequently asked questions, and code snippets from real world examples.

Grab the Cookbook detalis here

I was trying to install an app on my android phone yesterday. But once the installation was finished, i started to get this kind of error:
After a bit of search, i found out the solution of this problem...


Connect your android phone to PC using USB cable.
Once your phone gets connected to PC and you are able to see your SD card folders.Look for a folder .android-secure.

 You may not be able to see this folder. In that case allow your PC to view hidden files.
 Open folder .android- secure and look for the file smdl2tmpl1.asec.

Just delete this file.
After deleting this file, just try to install your app again.

You won't face this problem again!!!

Have you ever tried to change your terminal title? There are many ways to change it. But the most interesting way to change via HUD. You don't need to write a single command not even 'cd' in your terminal..

So, in this post i will show you how to make your terminal title dynamic..it will be keep changing as you move from one directory to another directory.So, you can just easily figure out  in which directory you are working in,just by looking into the terminal title.


Open your terminal.

Press Alt button.It will bring up HUD.Just write Profile in it.Select Edit->Profile

It will again bring up a window. Select Title and Command. Select Replace initial title.

As you can see in the above screenshot, there are more options available to play with your terminal title.You can see any of the options listed there and see it in action.It depends on you guys!!

Now, if you open your terminal. A new title will be welcoming you. Just try to switch to some other folder and see the dynamic title in action.

Don't be stagnant..Keep Changing!!

Have you ever tried to beautify your terminal by placing your favorite pic in its background?Just like selecting any image for the desktop background..Well, if you haven't tried then just try it for fun...

Open your terminal.

Go to the top-left of the window and select 'profiles' under Edit option.

Click on the 'Edit' in the popped up window.

Select the 'Background' tab and select the 'Background image' option.

Browse for your favorite image.Once done with choice, just click open.

Enjoy your new terminal !!!

Only 16 days left in the end of Ubuntu Edge crowdfunding. We all are eager to know how far this funding will go.The current funding status projects that it is going to be quite difficult to reach its goal but it is definitely going to be the biggest crowdfunding of history.So, here are some cool apps to track the crowdfunding status in your android phone:

Ubuntu Edge Widget:

The funding status will always be on your home screen.They have also explained how to fix this widget
on your home screen.
This widget will give you 3 options:
  •  Refresh
  •  Donate
  •  Graph
Ubuntu Edge Widget - screenshot thumbnail

Ubuntu Edge Donate Widget:

This app is quite interesting to use. It refreshes every 30 minutes.The use of this app makes it different from other apps. In place of giving any buttons to refresh the data or to see the crowdfunding webpage, they have given tap functionality.

Ubuntu Edge Donation Widget - screenshot thumbnail

Ubuntu Edge Funding Graph:

This app projects everything in graph form. It is very easy to track and estimate the status with this app.
The red line indicates the funding collection should go and green line indicates how it is behaving.Overall a nice app.

Ubuntu Edge Funding Graph - screenshot thumbnail

Note: All the images have been taken from Google Play Store.

5 Best Current Affairs App :

I have done some digging to find out some useful current affairs app for the aspirants preparing for the competitive exams.I have revisited the play store and found some interesting apps.Please check this new post on current affair apps and magazines which get updated daily :

The Current Affair Apps, Get Updated Daily

 Jagran Josh - Current Affairs:

Current Rating: 4.3


This app is the most popular app for the current affairs in the play store having a nice and elegant interface.The information is properly distributed into different sections. You can use it like any news reading app.As they have described:
"Current affairs 2013 application provides you Current Affairs India, Current Affairs World and the latest Current affairs of National, International, Economy, State, Corporate, Science and Technology, Environment and Ecology, Sports world in its most updated form. Current Affairs 2013 is the Comprehensive subject Coverage information of the most recent happening around the world. The Current Affairs are updated in English and Hindi at one platform. The application is directed towards helping you to improve your general knowledge and assist you in preparing for different competitive exams. 2013 current affairs are now at your fingertips."


 Daily Current Affairs and GK:

Current Rating: 4.6


I found this app as the most interesting app of current affairs. Unlike other apps, it will not get you bored. They have incorporated some good stuff to keep you engaged in the contents.Let's see what they say:
"As this GK app would be giving you 10 current affairs question each day, which means that within one month you will have nearly 300 current affairs questions databank. And if you practice regularly then within a couple of months you will have close to 1000 GK questions and these questions will help you immensely in cracking any paper GK section. These 3-4 months data bank will be very useful if you are appearing for October 2013 CWE exam that would be recruiting POs and MTs. We have started to add some questions which will be very help for RBI officers grade-B exam and also for SSC Delhi Police exams where recruitment would be done for CAPF, ASI, Intelligence officer and above all for the various state STET test, AFCAT, CAPF -AC and IFFCO GET."


GK and Current Affairs:

Current Rating: 4.5


This application is updated daily with International Current Affairs, National Current Affairs, Sports, Politics, Awards, Corporate, economy, environment, Personality and General Knowledge(GK) Questions..


  • 4000 + Multiple Choice Questions of Current Affairs and General Knowledge(GK)
  • Current Affairs and General Knowledge(GK) Questions updated daily
  • QR Code is provided in the screenshots for desktop users, to download the Current Affairs and GK Questions on their mobiles.
  • Current Affairs + General Knowledge(GK) + Latest News relevant for Bank PO/Clerk exams, Railways exams, SSC exams, UPSC exams,state bank of india(SBI), Insurance exams, IAS exams, civil services exams & other Government job exams
  • Current affairs and General Knowledge Questions provided monthwise
  • Scores provided at the end of Current Affairs/GK quiz
  • Correct answers of the wrong questions provided after result
  • Button for suggestions in Current Affairs/GK - 2013-2014 App


Current Affairs 2013:

Current Rating : 4.4


Current Affairs of every month are covered here month wise. All types of current affairs international, national, sports, economy, science & technology are covered. This application will improve your general knowledge and helps for your bright future. It covers almost all the categories, some of them are listed below.



Current Affair 2013 Live:

Current Rating: 5.0


This app has the potential to come up in the chart. Recent data shows it is not used by much of the users.
"This App is complete and Unique android app for every candidate who is preparing for Bank written exams, Tnpsc Exams, SSC Exams, UPSC Exam.Current affairs 2013 application provides you Current Affairs India, Current Affairs World and the latest Current affairs of National, International, Economy, State, Politics, Science and Technology."


Let me know what's your favorite current affair app...

You want to switch to Ubuntu but you are skeptic.Not sure, whether you will like it or not. You first need to install it to get the feeling of it and after that if you don't like it then you have to uninstall it.. A long cumbersome process which we all want to avoid. You must be wondering isn't there a way so that i can feel all aspect of Ubuntu without getting it installed on my computer? So, Guys, there is a way....

Just click on this link : Ubuntu Online Tour

Browse Files and Folders:

Surf the Web:

Write Emails From Your Desktop :

View Photos using Shotwell:

 Software Center To Download Apps:

Enjoyed the journey? There is much to explore after the installation....

The Ubuntu Edge campaigning site has added a post in which they have compared Ubuntu Edge with other most popular phones.I have just taken data from there to play a game with you guys.As you can see below, 3 cellphones have been compared based on the characteristics (which matters). Now, you have to guess which phone is Ubuntu Edge. Making this thing simple , I am telling you the name of all 3 phones:

  • Applie iPhone 5
  • Ubuntu Edge
  • Samsung Galaxy 4


Mobile OS
Dual-boots Android and Ubuntu mobile


Desktop OS
Ubuntu Desktop
Internal storage
720 x 1,280, 4.5 inches
640 x 1,136, 4 inches
1,080 x 1,920, 5 inches
Sapphire Glass
Corning Gorilla Glass
Corning Gorilla Glass 3
Silicon-anode Li-ion
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