What is Twitlonger ?

TwitLonger is a way to let you post to Twitter when 140 characters just isn't enough.
With TwitLonger, you can write what you need and a link to what you said will automatically be posted to your Twitter account. It's like twitpic for text.

 How To Use This ?

Go here : Twitlonger

Sign in with your Twitter account.

Once you will sign in, you have to authorize this app ( third party thing!!!)..

 It will redirect you to page where you put more than 140 words...

So, once done just hit the post button and it will post a new tweet in your twitter account just like below mentioned screenshot..

This is a  treat for all linux lovers or specifically Ubuntu lovers. Our favorite free magazine Full Circle is now available on Google Book and Google Play Store. I think this is an awesome step taken by Ronnie Tucker...

In the morning , I checked my email and got this awesome news...

Here are the wordings...

That's right! I finally got Full Circle on Google Play..

It's also on Google Books so that's another source (along with Issuu) where you can read FCM online without downloading.

At the moment there's the ten latest issues, but I'll be adding more over time.

Please take a few moments to leave a review on as many issues as you can. It helps other people decide whether or not to download Full Circle, it also brings more new readers and more potential writers.



So, grab the latest version available in Play Store here : FCM Magazine Play Store


Or you can check on Google Books , A simple google search will fetch a lot of results....

As we all know, Ganna.com is the best website to listen music for free. But it doesn't provide any option to download songs.In this post, I will cover how you can easily download songs from this website...

Let's see the process...

 You need to have any of two things from the below mentioned list:

    -- Downloadhelper ( Firefox adds on) (Add from here ! )
    -- Internet Download Manager         ( Download form here !)

After installing IDM or Downloadhelper , go to  Gaana.com here..

As soon as you play any song on this site, you will be able to see IDM icon as mentioned below:

 Just click on this toolbar and you will be able to see download option.

Click on Start Download and you will have your song...

In this tutorial , I will show you how easily you can chop your video and share it with your friends.You will often find yourself in a situation, where you don't want to share whole youtube videos with your friends but just a specific portion of it...

Let's see how to do this...

Go to here : TubeChop

Enter your youtube video's URL in the box and hit search video.

As soon as you hit enter, you will be able to see you video just as below :

Fill Start time and End time and hit the Update button..
As soon as you hit Update button , the buffer glider will get shortened...

Now, just hit Chop it ...

As soon as you hit this button, you will be redirected to a different page.

Now, you can easily share your new chopped video !!!
Creating partitions is one of the most important part in SSAS and creating it effectively is utmost important.In this post, I will explain how to create Merge Partitions in SSAS using some simple example.

Why Merge Partition ?

It simplifies the partition creation. Suppose, how much easy it would be for you if you play with only two partitions. One for current day data and second for all historical day data.Each night merge the current day partition data with the historical day data and then create new partition for current day data.These partitions are not faster than separate partition but they easier to manage...

Let's see how to do this...

Open SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) but connect with Analysis Server database.You can see here I have created 3 partitions here and I am going to merge one (Fact Reseller Sales of CY 2010 with Fact Reseller Sales History ) of the partitions...

Right Click the Fact Reseller Sales History and go to Merge Partition. From this window , just select which partition you want to merge (in my case it's Fact Reseller Sales CY 2010)..

Click Ok.. Now refresh the Partitions. Instead of 3 partitions , you can see only 2 partitions here..

Now one thing to notice here , Merging partitions doesn't update the partition query , nor does it combine the fact tables.So, I need to modify Fact Reseller History Partition so that it can include
data of year 2010 also..

Right Click on Fact Reseller Sales History and go to Properties...

I changed the query to take 20110101 in place of 20100101...

Click Ok..  And we are done !!

Every year thousand of students appear for SSC-CGL exam.It's one of the most lucrative job because of high diversity of posts and you will definitely have the job security.So, in this post I will introduce you to some of the most useful android apps related to SSC...

Let's see what are these....

SSC Exam Prep :

Rating            : 4.2
Last Updated : 21 August 2014
Size                : 6.0 M


This should be your first choice.It's a free app with in app purchase.
The courses cover all papers that are part of the SSC Exam -
• General Intelligence + Reasoning - 50 Marks
• General Awareness - 50 Marks
• Quantitative Aptitude - 50 Marks
• English Comprehension - 50 Marks
The app is designed for SSC Jobs, SSC Combined graduate level exam (SSC CGL), SSC Combined Higher Secondary level Exam (SSC CHL).
The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) is an government organization which recruits staff members for various government posts across departments. SSC recruits candidates for the combined graduate level, junior translator, assistant Sub-Inspector, stenographers, recruitment of SAS apprentices, junior engineers.

Download it from here !!!

SSC Exam - Josh :

Rating            : 4.0
Last Updated : 19 June 2014
Size                : 1.2 M


This comes from the India’s leading educational portal Jagranjosh.com.
SSC Exam application is designed for those candidates who are preparing for SSC Jobs, SSC Combined graduate level exam (SSC CGL), SSC Combined Higher secondary level Exam (SSC CHL). With the help of this application you can access SSC Study Material and get Tips and Strategies for the exam. You can also find SSC Exam Questions Papers, SSC Model Papers and more.
Features of the SSC Exam Application
• Get Previous year Question Papers
• Get an update on SSC Jobs Notification
• Get Models Papers Prepared by Expert.
• SSC study Material
• Get Tips and Strategies by SSC Exam Expert.

 Download it from here !!                                                             

SSC Exams Guide :

Rating            : 4.5
Last Updated : 12 July 2014
Size                : 591K

Description :

SSC Exams Guide App provides various textbooks and applications with your SSC getting ready, made in partnership with Best Publishers and Institutes.
The Application is produced up in the subsequent classes -
A. Full SSC Examination Prep By Profession Electrical power: Provides full notes on all pertinent matters collectively with 1000s of apply problems to help you crack the SSC Examination. A complete supply to your SSC check preparing. Get utilization of the total provide for INR 495
B. SSC Practice Papers By Occupation Electrical power: Provides significant high quality use papers together with options to your SSC Check preparing. Stick to with these papers to tune your SSC CGL planning.
The lessons cover all papers which might be part of the SSC Evaluation -
• Basic Intelligence + Reasoning - fifty Marks
• Normal Recognition - fifty Marks
• Quantitative Aptitude - fifty Marks
• English Comprehension - 50 Marks
This SSC Examinations app is made for SSC Positions, SSC Set collectively graduate diploma exam (SSC CGL), SSC Combined Higher Secondary stage Examination (SSC CHL).


 Download it from here !!
In this post, I will show you how you can easily integrate fastest download manager 'IDM' with any browser.

Let's see how to do this...

Open IDM.

Go to Options.

It will open a window, by default it will be 'General' tab...

Just put a tick-mark before your browser. If you don't want to include any browser in the integration then un-tick the box.If the your browser is not mentioned in the default list then just click on ' Add Browser'
and look for your browser exe and that's it !!

Plethora of options means a lot of confusion !! That's what Play Store does with us. It gives so much option to choose from that we get confused what's actually worth to download or not. So, just to tackle that problem, I am going to give you a very interesting option...

This app is called 'Top Sports' By Gamefix....

Description as in Play Store :

Sports Game Rankings , experts decided to rank rating .
Free game enthusiasts collected only favorite .
Have to be hard to find a game store .
Baseball , football, basketball, tennis , billiards, virtual golf games can be enjoyed in one place .Favorite games, sports games , but I gathered enthusiasts .
I play a lot of games during that difficult to find a good game .

What it offers ?

- 3d, 3d, simulation , virtual reality games
- Only selected game with excellent graphics
- Provides graphical games
- Real-time Updates
- Game Trailer

Download it from here : Top Sports App Download

Size : 3.7 Mb

Last Updated : 10 Aug 2014
Suppose, you are watching your favorite Youtube video. You are very fond of some of the scenes of this video and you want to share it with your friends.

In the normal scenario, you will have two options:

1: Take the screenshot of that part and share it with your friends.(Not so good option !!)
2. Share whole video with your friends and tell them exact time when that scene pops up.

You know what there is one interesting way to accomplish this :

You can share that scene in the form of gif. In other words, a picture with moving objects.

Isn't it interesting ?? and, you don't need any tool for this.

Let's see how to do this:

Go to your youtube video.

Go to the URL and just add gif before youtube.com...

It will redirect you to a different page.In this page, select the clip's start time and end time.

Once done, click on Create gif and you will be redirected to other page...

Click on awesome and you will see a lot of options like share your newly created gif anywhere...

You can also save this gif in your PC by right click and select Save Image As...

Once done, your animated gif will look like this...

I have been facing this issue since a long time. I have recently fixed this issue, so thought of this sharing with all you guys...

First, Check in your browser whether IDM is enable or not..

Go to Settings -> Add Ons ( I am using Firefox)

You need to check here, whether it is enable or disable. If it is disable , you will never get a IDM link on any of the webpage.Also, you may face an issue like IDM is not compatible with the firefox.In this case you have to download the newer version of IDM.

You can try this version of IDM : New IDM Version

So, after installing newer version of IDM, restart your browser.

Next time when you go to any video website , you will be able to see IDM link just like below mentioned screenshot :

You don't need a front camera to take a selfie, seriously. The recently launched app in the play store makes this possible.It uses your back camera and let you click a perfect 'selfie'.

Based on description in the Play Store :

Features :

  1. Smart Selfie is a voice guided photo taking app that use facial recognition to guide you in how to move or rotate your camera to take the perfect selfie with your back camera.
  2. Once your camera is in position Smart Selfie takes the photo automatically.
  3. There is no need to press any buttons, touch the screen, whistle, or give voice commands to take a photo.
  4. With Smart Selfie you can take selfies of a single person or take selfies with multiple people at once in the same photo.

 How to Use it ?

  1. Take note if photo is set to Portrait or landscape. Rotate Camera or adjust settings
  2. Point back camera at your face, hold the phone about 30cms from your face
  3. Follow the voice prompt, Move or angle your phone.
  4. Hold the camera still when advised. The photo will be taken automatically.
  5. Use your file browser to view photos taken, they are located in your Pictures/Smart Selfie/ folder

Download it from here : Smart Selfie

Size : 5.2 M

Released On : August 13,2014

This is one of the very popular websites to listen free music. In this post, I am going to tell you how you can download any song in audio format from this website..

So, without wasting much time, let's see how to do this :

First of all , go to Last.fm site :

Look for your favorite artist and the artist's song list.As soon as you click on the song, it will open a new window just like below mentioned screenshot:

Click on Play button. As soon as your video starts playing, go to the bottom right and click 'Watch on Youtube'.

Once you open your video on Youtube, Go to URL and replace your URL with the value mentioned in below screenshot :

Just add pwn as prefix....

Just hit enter and you will be redirected to some other page and here ,you will see an option to convert your video file to audio file...

Just click any of the above mentioned links in the highlighted box  and your video will be converted to audio and  then you can easily download your audio file..

We all are users of Gmail. It doesn't need any kind of introduction. But it also offers a lot of flexibility, that we normally are not aware of. There are a lot tweaks we can perform.One of the tweaks, I am going to cover here is to switch the view mode of your emails....

Let's see how to do this...

Normally , the standard view of our email looks like this..

Now, go to Settings (gear icon at the right top corner ) and select 'settings' option :

As soon as you click on 'Settings' , a window will appear with multiple tabs. Please select Lab tab.

Scroll down and enable  preview pane ....

Click Save changes at the bottom of the page.

As soon as you save changes , your gmail will start reloading....

Once it has been loaded completely, you will see a new icon (Toggle split ) at the right top corner of the window...

Now, you can switch between preview mode and standard view just by simply clicking on this icon...

Today , I am going to cover the best lyrics app present in play store.It's a newly launched app (31st Aug).It has some astonishing features, the autosync feature , different languages compatibility makes this app must loved.

Let's cover this app...

So, you can download this app from Play Store ( Hey ! it's free ) : Download MusicXmatch

It offers you more than 7 million song lyrics in 32 languages.

It's available on Mobile, Desktop , Tablet everywhere.

It automatically recognize the song playing on the radio or tv and show you the synced lyrics to let you sing along.

As soon as you install this app on your smartphone, you will see a nice icon as mentioned below:

 Just tap on this icon, and look for your song.. it will automatically sync the lyrics with your song..

Vertical View:

Now, one interesting thing, What If you have some songs in your native language (In my case it's Hindi), will it work ? Yes, you don't need to do any kind of language setting.

One more thing, I also noticed that once your song's lyrics had been downloaded, it played automatically without any internet connection when you play the same song next time...

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