How To Get Distinct Values In MongoDB(NoSql Database)

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Today, We will try to discover how to get distinct values from the MongoDB database.

Suppose we have table info in the database...

In sql database, we would do something like this to create info table:

create table info
      Name  Varchar(30),
      Place   Varchar(30)

Once this is done, we would insert some duplicate values in the table :

Insert into info (Name , Place ) values ( "Praveen", "Pune")
Insert into info (Name , Place ) values ( "Praveen", "Lucknow")
Insert into info (Name , Place ) values ( "Alex", "NY")
Insert into info (Name , Place ) values ( "Alex", "Manhattan")

So, now we have some duplicate values in the database.

To get the distinct values :

select distinct Name from info

Now, MongoDB's way.....

create table and insert the values in just one step .. ( Isn't it simple??)

select the data from the table...

Now to get the distinct values :

Let's see what is this ...

db.collection.distinct : Finds the distinct values for a specified field across a single collection and returns the results in an array.

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