How To Update Values In MongoDB (NoSQL Database)

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Let's first look at the SQL's way...

I have created  Info table here and inserted some values into it...

We all know how to UPDATE table values in sql...

So now, MongoDB's way....

I have already covered how to insert and select values in MongoDB in my previous posts... () :

We can pass 4 parameters here....

Criteria : It lets you specify the query that selects the record you want to update.
             { Name : " Praveen " } in our case.
Objnew: It lets you to specify the updated information.
             { Name : " Praveen ", City : " Pune" } in our case.
Upsert: This argument tells MongoDB to update the record if it exists, and create it if it doesn’t.
Multi: This lets you specify whether all matching documents should be updated or just the first one.

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