Want An IDE For Python, TRY PyCharm !!

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I think this is the best one available to write, run and debug your python code.

So, let's see how to install this...

First of all, Go to this site.

Two versions are available here : Professional and Community Edition

Of course, we are going to use 'Free Community Edition'...

Just download this edition .It will be around 126 mb. The installation is also very simple. Just next-next...
Once everything is done. Just click the PyCharm icon created on your desktop.

Click on the Create project option.You will get a screen like this.

You also have to select an interpreter. I have already selected Python 2.7 interpreter.Click on the '...' box.It will pop up a screen like this.

Once you click on the '+' icon.It will show you all the interpreters available in your system.I have already selected Python 2.7 and in the bottom part, you can also see available packages.Click ok.

Click on File -> New -> Give your file a name( hello in this case).
Write you code and press F5 and you will be able to see an output in the bottom part of editor.

That's it !!

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