Run And Test Your First Jquery Programme

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You need not to install any heavy SDK or any setup to run your first Jquery programme. It was a bit confusing for me also to figure out how to run this.              But finally, I figured it out and ready to share with you guys….

Ok, So first thing you need to do :

Go to this site and click on Download Jquery.

It will open this file in your browser itself.
You can save this file with .js extension( jquery.js ) and place it in a specific folder.
Now, create a HTML file with .html extension and also place this html file in the same folder.

A simple programme:

When you click on the hide button, it will hide the message.

My html file looks like this :

You can see two .js files:

  1. One file that we have saved earlier, you must name it correctly. Because html and js , both files are in the same folder, so you don't have to specify the full path here.
  2. Second file is our javascript file where we will write a simple jquery code.It's better to keep all your code in a separate file.So, this file will look like this :

As you can see , referring the elements with Ids...

Button Id      : hide_message
Paragraph Id : message

Video Tutorial :
I have found Newboston Jquery tutorial very useful and awesome.There are around 200 videos for Jquery tutorial available on Youtube.

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