Best Apps For SSC-CGL Exam Preparation

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Every year thousand of students appear for SSC-CGL exam.It's one of the most lucrative job because of high diversity of posts and you will definitely have the job security.So, in this post I will introduce you to some of the most useful android apps related to SSC...

Let's see what are these....

SSC Exam Prep :

Rating            : 4.2
Last Updated : 21 August 2014
Size                : 6.0 M


This should be your first choice.It's a free app with in app purchase.
The courses cover all papers that are part of the SSC Exam -
• General Intelligence + Reasoning - 50 Marks
• General Awareness - 50 Marks
• Quantitative Aptitude - 50 Marks
• English Comprehension - 50 Marks
The app is designed for SSC Jobs, SSC Combined graduate level exam (SSC CGL), SSC Combined Higher Secondary level Exam (SSC CHL).
The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) is an government organization which recruits staff members for various government posts across departments. SSC recruits candidates for the combined graduate level, junior translator, assistant Sub-Inspector, stenographers, recruitment of SAS apprentices, junior engineers.

Download it from here !!!

SSC Exam - Josh :

Rating            : 4.0
Last Updated : 19 June 2014
Size                : 1.2 M


This comes from the India’s leading educational portal
SSC Exam application is designed for those candidates who are preparing for SSC Jobs, SSC Combined graduate level exam (SSC CGL), SSC Combined Higher secondary level Exam (SSC CHL). With the help of this application you can access SSC Study Material and get Tips and Strategies for the exam. You can also find SSC Exam Questions Papers, SSC Model Papers and more.
Features of the SSC Exam Application
• Get Previous year Question Papers
• Get an update on SSC Jobs Notification
• Get Models Papers Prepared by Expert.
• SSC study Material
• Get Tips and Strategies by SSC Exam Expert.

 Download it from here !!                                                             

SSC Exams Guide :

Rating            : 4.5
Last Updated : 12 July 2014
Size                : 591K

Description :

SSC Exams Guide App provides various textbooks and applications with your SSC getting ready, made in partnership with Best Publishers and Institutes.
The Application is produced up in the subsequent classes -
A. Full SSC Examination Prep By Profession Electrical power: Provides full notes on all pertinent matters collectively with 1000s of apply problems to help you crack the SSC Examination. A complete supply to your SSC check preparing. Get utilization of the total provide for INR 495
B. SSC Practice Papers By Occupation Electrical power: Provides significant high quality use papers together with options to your SSC Check preparing. Stick to with these papers to tune your SSC CGL planning.
The lessons cover all papers which might be part of the SSC Evaluation -
• Basic Intelligence + Reasoning - fifty Marks
• Normal Recognition - fifty Marks
• Quantitative Aptitude - fifty Marks
• English Comprehension - 50 Marks
This SSC Examinations app is made for SSC Positions, SSC Set collectively graduate diploma exam (SSC CGL), SSC Combined Higher Secondary stage Examination (SSC CHL).


 Download it from here !!

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