In this post, I will tell you an interesting way to increase your productivity. Let me put in this way, Write your code or update your documents while watching movie. You will say I don't get it. I know it's a bit confusing. hmmm....By the end of this post, you will get all your answers..

Let's start....

Suppose you have opened multiple files ( video file, excel files , pdf files..).
When you have to switch from one kind of file to another file, you minimize one file and go to other.That's the normal way of switching.
So, you can't watch movie, if you want to update some docs at the same time.I have opened an excel file and a video file here. After minimizing these files, We can easily see all these files in the window task bar.

Now , select your files pressing CTRL+  Click on files and then after selecting your files, Hit right click.You will see some options ..

As soon as you click on it, you will get both windows in the same workspace ...

You can handle each section individually. it's 2 in 1.
Watch movie from the upper section and write in excel in the lower section.

WhatsApp officially provides a way to do everything on the Web rather than  small screen of your smartphone. You don't have to install any other software to convert you phone WhatsApp to Web WhastsApp.As I already said, it's official.

Let's see how to do this :

First open you WhatsApp, obviously.

Tap on this icon (:) . As soon as you tap on this icon, you will get different options.

Tap on WhatsApp Web. It will ask you to go to on your PC.Visit to this site and just scan the code through your smartphone.

Once done with above steps, you will be automatically logged in. You can check all your WhatsApp activity here, on your PC.

Well, everything in big font...

In this post, I will show you how you can download more than 10 files at a time using Internet Download Manager. By default, the Internet Download Manager can't download more than 4 files at a time.

Let's start...

Once your IDM grabs more than one file, you have to click on Download All.
As soon as you click on Download All, you will see a window just like this :

 As soon as you click on Ok, you have to select one option from the dropdown list. Select Synchronization Queue as shown in the below screenshot :

Once it is done , you can open Internet Download Manager and see your selected files there having green folders as prefixed.

Now, Go to Scheduler -> Synchronization Queue -> Files in the Queue. You have to mention here the number of files you want to download at a time.I have mentioned 50 here.

At last, click on Start Now button.

Once this is done , you can check all  files start downloading....

You can also check the video tutorial here : Download Multiple Files At Once

We all know about Internet Download Manager and how powerful it is.The best feature of Internet Download Manager is its automatic file grabbing.There are a lot of things behind the scene.What if you don't want your IDM to grab file from a particular sites or a set of sites. In this post, I will cover how to stop automatic file grabbing from a particular site:

So, First of all :

Open your Internet Download Manager.

Go to Options -> File Types.

Now, suppose you don't want to download the videos from Youtube automatically. So, just mention theYoutube in the box as mentioned below:

You can also mention the address , if you want. Just click on Edit list as mentioned in the above screenshot.

So, once you are done with the above mentioned steps. You will not get automatic file grabbing from these sites.

Keep reading and sharing !!

An interesting thing happened today, I got an email from Linkedin and the subject line was :
 Praveen Kumar, Try a free month of Linkedin Premium Professional..

I wanted to explore more so I clicked on Upgrade free...

Now, the first option :

Land Your Dream Job :

Once you click on Select plan, you will be able to see these options :

Grow And Nurture Your Network:

Once you click on Select plan, you will be able to see these options :

Unlock Sales Opportunities :

Once you click on Select plan, you will be able to see these options : 

Find And Hire Talent :

Once you click on Select plan, you will be able to see these options :

You can scroll down to get more information for each option. Just Notice one thing, this premium option is available only for 30 days. So after 30 days if you want to continue , you can pay the required amount or you can cancel the subscription by going to Settings option.

Suppose , you  are working on some task and for that task you have to check data from different Excels (more than one ). In this scenario, you have to move back and forth to check the data.You must be wondering is there a way to work on multiple workbooks in a single workspace?So that you don’t have to deal with multiple number of items at a time.

Lucky you, there is a way to handle these kind of scenarios. Let’s see how to accomplish this.In this example , I will work on 4 excels:

First of all , select your excels and open it.

Choose any one excel and go to the sheet. Go to the View -> Arrange All. As soon as you click on Arrange All option. You will be greeted with a window with some options.

Select the ‘Tiled’ option.

Once done , you can see your all excel workbooks in a single workspace.You can play with some other options , like selecting ‘vertical’ option etc…

Notice one thing here, whatever changes you make here that will be reflected in the individual excel sheet.You can also save this workspace by selecting Save Workspace option...

That's it!! I hope you will find this post useful...
Let me start this post with a scenario :

Suppose , you have data in a Name column in an excel and your data are something like this :

Now, you don't want your data in this format. You want all your names should come in First Name and Last Name column not in just Name column.In other words, you want your data in this format without manually cut-copy-paste..

Now, How to do this....

First of all select your column, and Go to Data -> Text-To-Columns.

As soon as you click on the Text To Columns , you will be greeted with a window. Select Delimited as we are dealing with Comma (,) delimiter here.

Click on Next and go to next window. Check Comma box here. If you are dealing with some other delimiter, you can select here.Suppose,you are dealing some other delimiters which are not mentioned in the given options in that case you can mention the delimiter in the other box.

Click Next and in next window, click Finish.

Now, you can check you data in the excel.

The last step , rename your columns...

We often get into the situation where you need to traverse through the files of a subfolder, not a just a folder.In this tutorial, I will show you how you can easily go inside the subfolders and fetch the files.Sql Server Integration Services  provides a very easy way to loop through the subfolders without even writing a single line of a code.

Let's first of all check our files.I am looping through two files here :

1. C:\Video\1.mp4

2. C:\Video\New Folder\2.mp4

Let's check our package....

As you can see we only need two tasks here...

ForEach Loop Container
Script Task....

We have to notice one thing here, even though we have to loop through the subfolders but we are not using multiple ForEach loops...

ForEach Loop Container :

We also have to store the file name in a variable so that we can use this to prompt the file name...

Script Task :

Now, the output when executing this package :

You may be getting these requests each day on Facebook whether you like it or not. Personally, I have never played this game and I don't want to play but still I get some requests from my friends. So, if you are in the same situation, there is a way to come out of this. Instead of saying anything to your friends , you can simply turn off these requests.

This is very simple....

Go to the Candy Crush notification.

Hover your mouse over the notification, you will see two icons there.

Click the cross icon, as soon as you click on this icon.It will ask whether you want to turn it off or not.
Obviously , we want to turn it off !!!

Once you hit the turn off button, you will get a notification.

Thank God !! It's done....
In this tutorial, I will explain you how to read tables name present in your database using SSIS ( Sql Server Intergration Service). To accomplish this task, We need only Control Flow Items, no Data Flow Task is needed.I am assuming you guys have basic knowledge of Sql Server Integration Service transformation and control flow items.

So, the components are :

  • Execute SQL Task
  • For Each Loop Container
  • Script Task

Our project looks like this :

 First , let's check the results in SQL Server :

 Now, we will try to replicate the same behavior using SSIS:

Execute SQL Task :

I am using this task to execute SQL query and to store the resultset in a variable. I will use this variable
in the ForEachLoop Container.

For Each Loop Container :

To loop through the ResultSet and get the table names one by one .

Script Task :

I am using Script Task to prompt the Table names.

Now, when you execute your package, you will get the result just like this :

Check the output of this package in this video tutorial : Traverse Through Tables Names in a Database
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