This is one of the important steps when you are trying to build android app.This is the first step of making your smartphone a developer smartphone. The steps are very simple.

Let's see how to do this:

Go to the settings options of your phone.

Scroll down and tap on About phone.

In this screen, again scroll down and go to the bottom screen and check for option Build number.

Now, start tapping on Build number 7 times. Yes, 7 times. You will keep getting the messages.And after 7th tap , a developer mode will be on in your phone.

Now, if you want to check it then move back to settings screen and you will see a new option there :{} Developer options.

That's a great news!!

The well know site acquired Now, you would ask what's in there for me?Well, there is something for you. After the acquisition, Lynda is offering free access for 21 days.This offer is for limited time period. This offer will expire on 07/02/2015.

You can check the details here : Try Lynda For Free

So, if you are not aware of then let me tell you it's a website that offers online training of different IT technologies. It's not a free service. But because of this acquisition, they are offering free access for 21 days.

Access here : Lynda WebSite

In my last post, I explained how to download some tools to get started with oracle. But only downloading and installing the stuff won't work. You should be able to create database objects and after that only you will be able to practice.In this post, I will show you the two way to create a connection.

So, let's get started..

Using Command Line To Create Connection :

Open Command Prompt and type SqlPlus as shown in below mentioned screenshot.

It will ask for UserName and Password. Your password will be same as you typed at the time of installation of 11g Express edition and your username will be SYSTEM.

Using Oracle Sql Developer To Create Connection :

Open Oracle Sql Developer.

Click on the + icon to create new connection.

As soon as you click on this , it will open a window where you have to fill all your connection information as shown in below screenshot. Once done , click on the Test button to see whether your connection is successful or not. 

That's it !!!
If you are new to Oracle like me but you want to learn it then you need these tools. In this post , I will show you how you can download latest version of these tools to work on Oracle.Ok, so you have to download two things here : One setup will provide oracle environment and second setup provides the platform to query the tables etc...

So, let's start downloading these tools:

Downloading Oracle Client:

To download Oracle Database Express Edition 11g Release 2 , go to this link : Download
Follow the instructions as mentioned in the below screenshot and download the version based on your operating system.

The setup would be around 300+ mb in compressed format. Once this is downloaded, you have to install it.It's a simple next-next type of installation.Just remember one thing, you have to mention the password in one of the windows and please remember this password. You will need this later.

Downloading Oracle Sql Developer :

Go to this link to download this tool : Download 
First of all, accept the license and then click on download button for the setup as mentioned in below screenshot:

Once the setup is downloaded, extract the files. You don't need to install the setup. Just click on the exe to launch the Oracle Sql Developer.

As soon as you click on the setup, it will launch OSD.

Looking for the meaning of english words. Try this website. I bet once you get addicted to this website, you won't follow any others. Ok, let's put me this in some other words. Try to recall your 5 most difficult english words and try to look for meaning of these words on this website. You will never forget the meaning of those words. This site just doesn't give you meaning of any word.This site gives the meaning and explain the word with a situation.

So, the website is : Vocabulary

Let's Check How It Works ?



So, What Is ? is the easiest, most intelligent way to improve your vocabulary. It combines an adaptive learning system (The Challenge) with the world’s fastest dictionary (The Dictionary) so that you can more quickly and more efficiently learn words.

So, Why ? 

As mentioned on the website :

We teach you useful words.We teach you only the words you have trouble with.We don't let you forget.

Four Question Categories :
    1. Assessment - These questions can be about any word and are chosen based on how you’ve done on all previous questions. (100 points without a hint, 50 points with a hint)  
    2. Review - If you get a question wrong or ask for a hint, we’ll give it to you again as a review question. (75 points) 
    3. Progress - Once a word has been added to the list of words you’re learning, we’ll continue to ask you new Progress questions about it until you’ve mastered the word. (100 points)  
    4. Mastery Review - Even after you’ve mastered a word, we still check up on you every once in a while with a Mastery Review question. (100 points).

The World' Fastest Dictionary : The dictionary is designed to be the fastest, most useful English dictionary in the world. Unlike most online dictionaries, we want you to find your word’s meaning fast and then get on to better things. 

Easy To Read Definition With a Bit Of Attitude :  Our dictionary is different. Most vocabulary words include a short blurb that describes what the word means and how the word is used. These blurbs are easy to understand and fun to read. If there’s an entertaining story about the word, we include it.

 and many more features are there....

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