Activity Instead Of Tv :

If you got bored with TV and the shows and you are searching for an alternative then this post is for you. Well, I know the probability is very low of someone gets bored with TV but still you can read this one.You can frame it any sentence like activities instead of tv or things to do instead of tv and the best one what to without tv.

So, here is a website that throws random educational and entertaining videos at you, once you land on the website. If you don't like the video and you can always skip to the next video but you will never know what's coming for you and it's contents are good enough to surprise you. Give it sometime and you will love it.

Instead of Tv, You Should Watch This :

It's not my words, in fact it's a tagline of this website.

Go here to visit the website : UnplugTheTv 
Once you land on the website, you won't find anything fancy there. It has a very clean website and a video will automatically pops up.The videos categories are random and it can be related to any of the fields. So, sit back and enjoy !!

Let me tell you one thing, you don't have to navigate anywhere else from here to catch the demo. You can check it here :

What is Ubuntu Torrent File ?

You must be wondering what is this Ubuntu torrent file. If you are not sure then let me tell you it's one of the ways to download Ubuntu OS and I would say the most effective one. Because mostly the setup files are big and if you are going to download the file using a downloader then you might face connectivity issues somewhere down the line. Whereas in the torrent download , you don't have to worry about these things.

Where To Find Ubuntu Torrent File ?

So, now let me tell you how to do this :
Go to the official Ubuntu website : Visit the Website !!

Scroll to the bottom and click on Get Ubuntu Desktop Or you can just click on this link and it will land you to the download page : Download Ubuntu !!

Once you click on the Alternative downloads and torrents ,  a new window will pop up. Again, scroll to the bottom and look for BitTorrent option. You will find options just like below mentioned screenshot :

You can click any of the links based on your requirement these all are torrent files so you need to have a torrent client to download the torrent files. Once it gets added to your torrent client, you just have to sit back and relax. 

If you like to see everything in action then there is a video tutorial for this post, enjoy : 


YouTube Playlist :

We all know about YouTube playlist. It's a series of videos which are linked together. Often used by the creators when they want to cover a series on some topics. It doesn't make your videos lengthy and you can cover the topics in different set of videos.

How To Get PlayList Link:

Please follow these steps to get the playlist link:
Go to the video playlist and play any of the videos in the playlist.

Once the video is played , you will see a screen just like below mentioned screenshot and click on the Embed button.As soon as you click on this button, it will give you a link.

Copy this link and go to your webpage. In my case, it's my blog and go to the code section. In blogger platform, it's HTML section, just beside the compose tab.

Click on the HTML and it will show you the code version of your written post.Go the bottom of post and paste this link before the last div section.

Switch back to the compose tab and you can see your video gets embedded here:

These terms are the most common  in the Healthcare world. We have different tools and strategies to handle these situations. In this post , I am going to discuss about the Facets and how it handles this situation. To understand the below concepts , you should have some exposure to Facets and should be aware of claims

Let's start..

Facets handles the two type of adjustment : OverPayment and UnderPayment

UnderPayment :

If you check the first line in CLCL table, it shows the $50 amount is paid. The CLCL table stores claim information.But due to some changes, Facets determines $100 should be paid in place of $50. Where each service line in CDML table shows $25.But the first service line should be paid $75. So, that's the situation of underpayment because the paid amount is less than the required one.

How Facets Correct That ?

To fix that, Facets creates a new claim(111111111101) using the first ten digits of the claim with suffix 01. Facets puts the original claim (111111111100) in 91 status and new claims(111111111101) has to go through the adjudication and payment process.When it reaches to payment batch, Facets creates a row in the CMC_CLCK_CLM_CHECK table, and read the original claim(111111111100) to determine how much of the claim already paid($50). Facets put this in the CLCK_PRIOR_PD column and deducted it form the amount of the adjusted claim($100-$50=$50). Facets paid anything remained($50).


In OverPayment, the process will be same only thing is the adjusted claim will be less than the original claim.This creates a row in the CMC_CLOV_OVERPAY table.This holds a reference to the Accounting table (CMC_ACPR_PYMT_RED).This table tracks the reduction of the overpayment on the subsequent claims.The history table CMC_ACRH_RED_HIST holds the amount deducted from each claim until the overpayment gets satisfied.

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