Ubuntu Smartphones In India :

That's a big news for all Indian Ubuntu lovers. Now our favorite Linux distro coming in SmartPhones. The more awesome news is that it's going to launch in India within few days. You can grab the latest Ubuntu phones on Snapdeal.com.

Courtesy to  FullCircleMagazine for below mentioned points:

the BQ E4.5 and E5HD will be available in a black variant within the next couple weeks on Snapdeal.
  • This makes them the first major international retailer. 
  • For these phones Canonical have created regional specific content variants in the store, thus the device will have an Indian specific store experience. 
  •  Content includes a Bollywood Scope, Indian-specific news (NDTV, TOI) to name a few. 
  • They are also finding more sources in the next few weeks to further develop the content experience notably for the NearBy scope.
  •  Also, two weeks after launch there will be an Ubuntu Store on Snapdeal where other Ubuntu products will be available.

Ubuntu Powered BQ Aquaris 4.5 :

You can get more details on the official website here : BQ Aquaris 4.5

From NDTV gadegts:

Features :


Installing Multiple Apps At Once:

What if I tell, you don't have to download your apps one by one and you can download & install all your apps using just one exe. Wouldn't it be amazing ? Means you can install VLC, Mozilla, Chorme and other windows software using just one exe. One easy program installer for all your apps.

Why To Install Multiple Apps At Once?

When you formatted your laptop or you have installed a new version of Windows. As windows has launched Windows 10, most of the guys will be doing this. So, instead of installing all your apps one by one. Use this trick, create one installer and install all your apps.

How To Install Multiple Apps At Once:

First of all, go to this website : NiNite

You would be able to see a lot of apps in different categories.

Just check all apps you want. If you want some apps and that is included here then you can always suggest them to add in their portfolio. Once you check your required apps , click on Get Installer.

It will redirect you to different page where you will get one downloader for all your apps exe. This will be Ninite exe and you just have to install it.

Done !! So, How much time it saved for you ??

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