We all are living in a Smartphone world. We are moving from Desktop to Mobile platform. If you own a website or a blog , it must have its presence in app world also. Recently, I moved from my blog to app. In this post, I will cover how easily you can create and publish your first app if you own a website or blog.

Meanwhile, this is my first app in play store.It's an app version of my blog. Install this app and and check all posts in your smartphone..

Get this app : Install TricksFind

Create Android App For Your Website :

Follow these steps to create your first app:

  • You should have a website or blog address.
  • It's going to be WebView android app. There is a difference between native android app and WebView android app.
  • Register to Udemy website.
  • Look for  Develop WebView Android App From Scratch For Your Website course.Normally, this course is of $199 but you don't have to pay this much. Udemy often offers so many discount schemes on its courses.I have taken this course in $15 (1069 rs). This course is for anyone even if you don't have any programming experience.

Course Overview :

Once you finish this course, you will surely be able to create your app. If I can do it, you can too !!

We are just around the corner of our biggest festival (Diwali) and I must say some of them already started (Durga Puja). We all wish our friends and relatives on this occasion. Let's add some flavor in it. Be a designer without spending too much time and create awesome graphics. When I say not too much time, I mean it. Within a minute , you can complete your design and share it with the world with your custom messages.

First of all, visit this website : Canva

You can sign up here if you don't have account already.

You can see a lot of templates here. Choose Facebook Post.

Once you select Facebook Post, you will be able to see a lot of design at the left section of the page.

These all are Free so you don't have to pay anything.

You just have to select one design and drag it to main canvas. After that you can edit it the way you want.

I have taken one template and convert it as per whim.

This is huge !! Udemy is offering a bulk number of courses in $15. This is not for just one technology but for different technologies. You can find the courses here related to Android, iOS, Java, Oracle etc. I am going to use this opportunity to learn something new. And you can also grab this opportunity to brush up your skill.

What is Udemy ?

Udemy.com is a platform or marketplace for online learning. Unlike academic MOOC programs driven by traditional collegiate coursework, Udemy provides a platform for experts of any kind to create courses.They boast of  having 30,000+ courses.

Please notice the offer is going to end on October 9,2015.

How To Look For $15 Course ?

You don't have to do any extensive search here. You can just browse the courses on the Udemy site and they already tagged $15 course. Please refer below screenshot for sample :

Browse the Udemy Site : Udemy Courses

$199 course in $15.. Isn't it Wow !!

We all watch many videos on Youtube every day. We do subscribe to different channels and these channels offer us a plethora of information. These channels are linked with different genres. Based on our taste, we can subscribe to different channels. For some of the owners , it has become a prior source of getting money. The more you watch, the more you subscribe, the more money owners will get. So, in this post I will share a list of the top youtube channels in india.

Mind you, TVF or AIB is not at the top...

Watch this video :

I have jotted down top 5 Youtube channel here. 

1.  Nisha Madhulika :

This channel is related to Twisted Home Made Food.

2.  Geeky Ranjit :

This channel is related to Tech Gadgets Review.

3.  AIB:

This channel is related to.. hmm.. What to say .. You know better :)

4.  Vikram Yadav :

This channel is related to Medical Education.

5.  VanChef :

We have many chef videos here at youtube. This is one of them. A huge number of subscribers tells a lot about this channel

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