We all share docs with our friends and business partners. But have you ever wondered what happens to these docs once it gets delivered to the recipient mailbox? Do they even go through it? Or if they go through it how much time they are spending on each page? We normally don't get these information once we send the doc normally but there is a smarter way to get this information and you don't have to do much for this...

Let's get this info...

First of all go to this website and sign up : DocSend

As soon as you are signed up , you will be redirected to dashboard. It will ask you to take tour. Take tour and get to know the different options it provides.

How To Upload Doc on DocSend:

Once you are logged in, Go to Document section using navigation bar located at the left and click on New Document button.

It gives a lot of options as shown in the below screenshot.

Once your document is loaded , it will be displayed under Document section.

How To Share Your Doc:

Now you have to create link for your uploaded document, just click on your uploaded doc and it will redirect you to new window as shown in below screenshot.

You can create different link for different person. This will help you to track the performance of doc by different individual.As you can see in the above screenshot, multiple links have been created for the same doc.Once you have created a link, you can share it with your friends.

How To Know Stats :

You can just click on Stats option as shown in the above screenshot and get to know how much time an individual is spending on each page. Suppose, I want to know how much time Danny is spending on each page so I just have to click on Stats button before his name and the DocSend will give me the detailed view.

This is an awesome webapp which helps you to share anything on web instantly.It works in the screenshot format that's why it's called the Camera for Web. Suppose you are surfing web and you like some articles or anything and you don't want to share whole article with your friends then with the help of this webapp, you can just take the screenshot of the required portion and share instantly with your friends on Facebook, Twitter etc. It doesn't mean you can't share whole article, it also has a feature to share whole article also. You need Google Chrome browser to work with this app.

Let's try this Webapp...

First of all, Go to this website : Camera For Web

Click on Get Started and login with your Google/Facebook account.

Once you are logged in , you will be asked to Download Clipular extension.It won't take much time and once done , it will be added to Google chrome browser.

Once you click Download button, it will ask you to add this extension to your browser. Click on Add Extension.

That's it !! Now, you can use this webapp.

As soon as you like something to share, you have to press  ALT ALT. It will open a window just like below mentioned screenshot.

You can select your area to capture and once the screenshot has been taken , it will be saved to your MyClips under Clipular.

 Features of this Webapp :

1. Screenshots are auto-saved to www.clipular.com
2. You can also save locally to your desktop/folder: drag the Recent clip from the extension to desktop.

 【Annotate, Organize & Power Search】
1. Annotate/filter screenshots with the Magic Wand.
2. Organize screenshots with tags.
3. Search texts inside screenshots.

【What People Screen Capture】
A Flash game screenshot. Yes, Flash!
A IM chat screenshot.
A Facebook feed or comment screenshot.
A string of comments on my blog.
A craigslist post screenshot.
A dynamic stock graph screenshot.
A map or Google street view screenshot
A screen capture of a youtube video...

We all have Gmail account and we all fight with unwanted emails. We even don't know how many subscriptions we have. Because of this ignorance, our mailbox keeps get flooded. It's time consuming process to clean all this clutter manually. I am going to introduce you an awesome webapp which can solve this issue easily.

Let's start...

Go to this website : Unroll.me

So, first of all you have to sign up. This is a very easy process. You can click on Login/Get Started as shown in the above screenshot. Just mention your email id here. If the login is not successful, it will ask signup. Click on signup and again mention your email id.

Once you click on continue , it will ask for your permission. Just click on Allow.

Now, it will scan your mailbox for the subscription list. Wait for few seconds and it will give you whole list of your subscriptions and that too in the categorical form. In my case, it was 121.Hmm.. I didn't know that.

You have to click on Continue to next step.

Now, the very easy part, just click on Unsubscribe. Once done with all, you will get a message just like below mentioned screenshot :

Well, I cleaned up my mailbox and you can too !!!
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