Apache Spark download for Python And How To Install It For Big Data

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What Is Apache Spark ?

In simple words, Apace Spark is a fast and general engine for large scale data processing.The best feature of this technology is it's speed. It runs programs up to 100x faster than Hadoop, MapReduce in memory, or 10x faster on disk.Also, it provides extensive libraries.The same application can be written in different programming languages as it supports Java, Python, Scala, R etc..

Why To Learn Apache Spark ?

We all know that Big data is the hottest tech in the market right now. Companies are shifting from legacy technologies to newer technologies as they have to handle large amount of data which can come in any form and they want these unstructured large amount of data to be processed at the lighting pace. This is where Apache Spark comes to the rescue. This is open source and much faster than the Map Reduce. Also, see the Apache Spark Job trend below , also the offered salary for this tech is more than any.

Downloading... Spark :

Now, first step the installation.. 
Go to this website : Download Spark and select options as mentioned in the below screenshot.

Once the setup is downloaded , you just have to extract the files.The extracted files will look like this:

As the Spark supports many languages, you can pick your own. I am going to use Python version of Spark i.e. PySpark. Now, to invoke PySpark shell, just follow below mentioned steps:

Go to extracted Spark folder and navigate to the bin directory. 

Now, just type PySpark. It will take sometime and give you a verbose log. Don't worry about it.
At last, look for this prompt :

Now, you are ready to develop Spark applications.

How To Learn Big Data Analytics With Apache Spark?

This is the next big question, you will find the answer here : Learning Big Data Anaytics With Apache Spark

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