Big Data Market Forecast 2020

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The Hadoop Market :

As mentioned in the Global Hadoop Market 2016-2020 report published by TechNavio:

Approximately 7 Zettabytes of data churned out from enterprises globally in 2015.
Out of the total, more than 80% was unstructured data that came from social media platforms, clickstreams, server logs, sensors, and the Internet of Things.
The increased amount of data on the internet from various modes such as web logs, online transactions, social media, and video streaming has forced organizations to take proactive measures to store and manage data and derive useful insights.
Hadoop played a pivotal role for enterprises over the past 4-5 years in handling the increase of data.

 Things To Know About Apache Hadoop :

  • Apache Hadoop is a framework that works on a clustered file system that can share multiple servers simultaneously. It is an open-source software platform that uses MapReduce technology, which is a programming model that allows for processing and generating large data sets with a distributed algorithm on a cluster.
  • The Map step helps control nodes from various sources such as legacy systems and extensible markup language files.
  • In the Reduce step, various smaller work nodes of information are created and distributed across a computing cluster server.

But one thing to notice here, we now have an alternative to MapReduce known as Apache Spark, it's much faster than MapReduce and less complex to understand. This is already creating a lot of buzz in the market.

The analysts forecast the global Hadoop market to grow at a CAGR of 59.37% during the period 2016-2020.
Big Data and Hadoop Markets Growth
Hadoop Market Growth From 2015-20

Key Players In the Global Hadoop Market :

The following companies will be the heart of the Hadoop market : Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR, Amazon Web Services, Cisco Systems, Datameer, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Pivotal, and Teradata.

Other Prominent Vendors in the market are: Altiscale, Cask, Google, HP, Infochimps, Karmasphere, Mortar Data, and Pentaho.  

The Problem That Hadoop Addresses :

  • One trend that will boost market growth is the rising need to enhance flexibility and scalability to make operational decisions. 
  • Organizations undergo several complex changes such as network infrastructure expansion and growth in employee base.
  •  Hadoop solutions need to be scalable to meet the changing requirements of organizations. Scalable Hadoop solutions allow organizations to implement big data without any trouble. 
  • Organizations can reduce issues such as the compatibility and integration of large volumes of big data with existing hardware infrastructure with the help of these solutions.

The Growth Of Hadoop :

Sales of Hadoop-related software, hardware and services are forecast to tip $50.2B by 2020 worldwide, according to Allied Market Research (AMR).

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