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We often search for Android app development course for beginners, Android app development course from scratch or Android development course online free. We have an Android App idea but we don't know from where to start. What if the Google comes to teach you Android App development by itself ? Google has created android app development course for beginners with Udacity team. All these Android App development courses are free and you can access it online on Udacity Platform.

Udacity Android Development For Beginners :

Let me do one thing for you. I have already filtered the Free Android Courses for you. Follow this link to explore the courses :

Udacity Free Android App Development Courses

Google has recently launched the Android Basics Nanodegree program. This program is not free, you can access this course for free only for 7 days. But, if you want to start for free, start with this course :

Android Development For Beginners

This is an awesome introduction course on Android Development. The Good thing about this course is that they make it very simple. You won't be bombarded with the Android API and complex Java programs. This course is easy to follow and you will have the fair understanding of the Android Studio and Android App development basics at the end of the course. And , you will be making some basic cool apps also.

Please follow this link to access the course : Android Development For Beginners

At the end of the course, you will be able to make a single screen app but what if you want to expand your horizons and instead of a single screen, you want to deal with multiple screens. Then, follow this course :

Android Basic Multi-Screen Apps

This course is new but very beneficial to understand how the multiple screens work together in an android environment.

Please follow this link to access the course : Android Basics : Multi Screen Apps
Also, the below-mentioned topics will be covered in this course. Don't freak out just by seeing some technical terms, all topics are very well explained with a demo.

Android Basics Data Storage

Ever wanted to know how to store and retrieve data in your android app? We all the contents are required to be stored in some kind of database but the question is how to store data in android database? In this tutorial, you will get to know how to accomplish these. We use SQLite database to store contents in android app. You will get to know about what is SQLite and how to add it in your android app. Don't worry if you are not aware of SQL language. As this course is for beginners, they will cover the SQL fundamentals first and then will move forward.

Also, you will get to know about the Content Provider. The Content Provider will help you to make your data storage bug free and to be shared, if you choose, with other apps.

Access the course here : Android Basics Data Storage

Udacity Android Basic Data Storage
Learn How To Store Data Using SQLite Database In Android App

Android Basics Networking 

It's more of an advance course and it's highly recommended to complete the above courses before moving to this course. In simple words, in this course how to deal with real time data. As of now, you have been building app with static information but in this course, you will get to know how to take data from API and other web services and populate it into your app. 

Please follow this course to access this course : Android Basics Networking

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