We all watch a lot of Youtube videos every day. You must have noticed some videos link at the end of the video. These video links are included by the creator himself. It's just a way of prompting users to watch more of the videos. I always wanted to create this kind of End Screen for my Youtube videos. But, never had any idea how to start. The existing Annotations was one of the options but still, it required some graphics. But recently something happened, Youtube just released End Screen feature by itself. In this post, I am going to cover how you can use this feature to drive more traffic to your Youtube channel.

Youtube End Screens :

The new Youtube End feature will look like this :

Once you click on this , you will see a blue button of Add Element. You can add max of 4 elements.The element options are like this :

Youtube End Screen Elements
Youtube End Screen Elements

You can promote a specific video or  playlist, any website link, any channel or most important you can ask for the subscription.Now, let's check how to use this.

Youtube End Screen Details :

Now, one thing to remember, even though you are going to create just one element, you must use a video or playlist element. In my case, I was trying to promote my app by including a link but Youtube wasn't allowing me to just use the link. It was giving me an error message : At least one element should be video or playlist. You can create max of 4 elements. The combination of elements is totally your choice but one must be video or playlist. Also, the end screen is allowed for the last 20 seconds of the video. The best practice is to keep 20 seconds in buffer while creating videos. So that, you don't have to overlap your contents with these elements.

Youtube End Screen Details
Youtube End Screen Details

Please check this video. I have integrated one Playlist and one link in the video.The link is displayed for the last 20 seconds whereas the playlist is visible for the last 5 seconds.

Youtube End Screen Templates :

We often get confused when we have a lot of options. That's the case here also. We have a screen and 4 elements. Now, you can use any element and position it anywhere on the screen. What if I tell you Youtube provides a template for this also. It's Youtube guys, They know everything!! Let's check the template now.There are multiple options you can try with the Youtube End Screen..

You can access the template options from :

End Screen And Annotations -> Click On Use Template

Youtube End Screen Templates
Youtube End Screen Templates

End Screen Templates Combination:

1 Video 1 Subscribe

1 Video 1 Subscribe 1 Link

2 Videos

2 Videos 1 Subscribe

4 Videos

Annotations OR End Screen :

If you are already using Annotations on your videos then you can't use End Screen there. If you want to use End Screen then first, you have to remove annotations..

The Hadoop Market :

As mentioned in the Global Hadoop Market 2016-2020 report published by TechNavio:

Approximately 7 Zettabytes of data churned out from enterprises globally in 2015.
Out of the total, more than 80% was unstructured data that came from social media platforms, clickstreams, server logs, sensors, and the Internet of Things.
The increased amount of data on the internet from various modes such as web logs, online transactions, social media, and video streaming has forced organizations to take proactive measures to store and manage data and derive useful insights.
Hadoop played a pivotal role for enterprises over the past 4-5 years in handling the increase of data.

 Things To Know About Apache Hadoop :

  • Apache Hadoop is a framework that works on a clustered file system that can share multiple servers simultaneously. It is an open-source software platform that uses MapReduce technology, which is a programming model that allows for processing and generating large data sets with a distributed algorithm on a cluster.
  • The Map step helps control nodes from various sources such as legacy systems and extensible markup language files.
  • In the Reduce step, various smaller work nodes of information are created and distributed across a computing cluster server.

But one thing to notice here, we now have an alternative to MapReduce known as Apache Spark, it's much faster than MapReduce and less complex to understand. This is already creating a lot of buzz in the market.

The analysts forecast the global Hadoop market to grow at a CAGR of 59.37% during the period 2016-2020.
Big Data and Hadoop Markets Growth
Hadoop Market Growth From 2015-20

Key Players In the Global Hadoop Market :

The following companies will be the heart of the Hadoop market : Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR, Amazon Web Services, Cisco Systems, Datameer, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Pivotal, and Teradata.

Other Prominent Vendors in the market are: Altiscale, Cask, Google, HP, Infochimps, Karmasphere, Mortar Data, and Pentaho.  

The Problem That Hadoop Addresses :

  • One trend that will boost market growth is the rising need to enhance flexibility and scalability to make operational decisions. 
  • Organizations undergo several complex changes such as network infrastructure expansion and growth in employee base.
  •  Hadoop solutions need to be scalable to meet the changing requirements of organizations. Scalable Hadoop solutions allow organizations to implement big data without any trouble. 
  • Organizations can reduce issues such as the compatibility and integration of large volumes of big data with existing hardware infrastructure with the help of these solutions.

The Growth Of Hadoop :

Sales of Hadoop-related software, hardware and services are forecast to tip $50.2B by 2020 worldwide, according to Allied Market Research (AMR).

We often search for Android app development course for beginners, Android app development course from scratch or Android development course online free. We have an Android App idea but we don't know from where to start. What if the Google comes to teach you Android App development by itself ? Google has created android app development course for beginners with Udacity team. All these Android App development courses are free and you can access it online on Udacity Platform.

Udacity Android Development For Beginners :

Let me do one thing for you. I have already filtered the Free Android Courses for you. Follow this link to explore the courses :

Udacity Free Android App Development Courses

Google has recently launched the Android Basics Nanodegree program. This program is not free, you can access this course for free only for 7 days. But, if you want to start for free, start with this course :

Android Development For Beginners

This is an awesome introduction course on Android Development. The Good thing about this course is that they make it very simple. You won't be bombarded with the Android API and complex Java programs. This course is easy to follow and you will have the fair understanding of the Android Studio and Android App development basics at the end of the course. And , you will be making some basic cool apps also.

Please follow this link to access the course : Android Development For Beginners

At the end of the course, you will be able to make a single screen app but what if you want to expand your horizons and instead of a single screen, you want to deal with multiple screens. Then, follow this course :

Android Basic Multi-Screen Apps

This course is new but very beneficial to understand how the multiple screens work together in an android environment.

Please follow this link to access the course : Android Basics : Multi Screen Apps
Also, the below-mentioned topics will be covered in this course. Don't freak out just by seeing some technical terms, all topics are very well explained with a demo.

Android Basics Data Storage

Ever wanted to know how to store and retrieve data in your android app? We all the contents are required to be stored in some kind of database but the question is how to store data in android database? In this tutorial, you will get to know how to accomplish these. We use SQLite database to store contents in android app. You will get to know about what is SQLite and how to add it in your android app. Don't worry if you are not aware of SQL language. As this course is for beginners, they will cover the SQL fundamentals first and then will move forward.

Also, you will get to know about the Content Provider. The Content Provider will help you to make your data storage bug free and to be shared, if you choose, with other apps.

Access the course here : Android Basics Data Storage

Udacity Android Basic Data Storage
Learn How To Store Data Using SQLite Database In Android App

Android Basics Networking 

It's more of an advance course and it's highly recommended to complete the above courses before moving to this course. In simple words, in this course how to deal with real time data. As of now, you have been building app with static information but in this course, you will get to know how to take data from API and other web services and populate it into your app. 

Please follow this course to access this course : Android Basics Networking

What Is Apache Spark ?

In simple words, Apace Spark is a fast and general engine for large scale data processing.The best feature of this technology is it's speed. It runs programs up to 100x faster than Hadoop, MapReduce in memory, or 10x faster on disk.Also, it provides extensive libraries.The same application can be written in different programming languages as it supports Java, Python, Scala, R etc..

Why To Learn Apache Spark ?

We all know that Big data is the hottest tech in the market right now. Companies are shifting from legacy technologies to newer technologies as they have to handle large amount of data which can come in any form and they want these unstructured large amount of data to be processed at the lighting pace. This is where Apache Spark comes to the rescue. This is open source and much faster than the Map Reduce. Also, see the Apache Spark Job trend below , also the offered salary for this tech is more than any.

Downloading... Spark :

Now, first step the installation.. 
Go to this website : Download Spark and select options as mentioned in the below screenshot.

Once the setup is downloaded , you just have to extract the files.The extracted files will look like this:

As the Spark supports many languages, you can pick your own. I am going to use Python version of Spark i.e. PySpark. Now, to invoke PySpark shell, just follow below mentioned steps:

Go to extracted Spark folder and navigate to the bin directory. 

Now, just type PySpark. It will take sometime and give you a verbose log. Don't worry about it.
At last, look for this prompt :

Now, you are ready to develop Spark applications.

How To Learn Big Data Analytics With Apache Spark?

This is the next big question, you will find the answer here : Learning Big Data Anaytics With Apache Spark

In this Talend Studio tutorial for beginners, we will cover how to read data from the Excel Files. The Excel files are one of the many input files format. Also, the Excel can be easily converted into CSV format also. 

Requirement :

The requirement is to read the data from the excel file and print it on the console. The excel can have multiple sheet. In this demo, we will read only one sheet data. The same process can be replicated to read other sheet data also.

Steps To Read Data Using Talend Open Studio :

  • Let's have a look on the input file first. It's an Excel file with 3 sheets: 
       Excel File Name : tFileInputExcel
       Sheets Name : Techcrunchcontinenatal.csv, SacramentoCrimeJan2006, SalesJan2009

  • Out of these 3 sheets, we are going to read TechCrunchcontinentalUSA.csv. We will create a new Job ReadExcelFiles to perform this operation.

  • The next step is to create a Metadata, this will help us to define the structure of the input file records.Go to Metdata -> File Excel -> Right Click and Go to Create File Excel

  • I have just selected one sheet as per the requirement but if you want you can select all. Also, to remove unwanted column, I have skipped the header by 1 row and checked the Set heading row as a  column as coming in the input excel file. Once you are done, just click on Finish and your Metadata will be ready to read the data from the Excel file.

  • Next Step is to use tFileInputExcel component , to read data from the Excel.You can just drag and drop the newly created Metadata file on the canvas and it will ask you whether you want to use tFileInputExcel or tFileOutputExcel component, as we are reading records from the excel, we would go with the input component.

To read the data and display records on the console, we would use tLogRow component.

The Final Job :

Talend Components Used In Design :

tFileInputExcel :

tFileInputExcel reads an Excel file (.xls or .xlsx) and extracts data line by line. tFileInputExcel opens a file and reads it row by row to split data up into fields using regular expressions. Then sends fields as defined in the schema to the next component in the Job via a Row link.

Get more details from here : tFileInputExcel Component Detail

tLogRow :

Displays data or results in the Run console .tLogRow is used to monitor data processed.

Get more details from here : tLogRow Component Detail

Get The Step By Step Video Tutorial here :

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