How To Create End Screen On Youtube For More Views

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We all watch a lot of Youtube videos every day. You must have noticed some videos link at the end of the video. These video links are included by the creator himself. It's just a way of prompting users to watch more of the videos. I always wanted to create this kind of End Screen for my Youtube videos. But, never had any idea how to start. The existing Annotations was one of the options but still, it required some graphics. But recently something happened, Youtube just released End Screen feature by itself. In this post, I am going to cover how you can use this feature to drive more traffic to your Youtube channel.

Youtube End Screens :

The new Youtube End feature will look like this :

Once you click on this , you will see a blue button of Add Element. You can add max of 4 elements.The element options are like this :

Youtube End Screen Elements
Youtube End Screen Elements

You can promote a specific video or  playlist, any website link, any channel or most important you can ask for the subscription.Now, let's check how to use this.

Youtube End Screen Details :

Now, one thing to remember, even though you are going to create just one element, you must use a video or playlist element. In my case, I was trying to promote my app by including a link but Youtube wasn't allowing me to just use the link. It was giving me an error message : At least one element should be video or playlist. You can create max of 4 elements. The combination of elements is totally your choice but one must be video or playlist. Also, the end screen is allowed for the last 20 seconds of the video. The best practice is to keep 20 seconds in buffer while creating videos. So that, you don't have to overlap your contents with these elements.

Youtube End Screen Details
Youtube End Screen Details

Please check this video. I have integrated one Playlist and one link in the video.The link is displayed for the last 20 seconds whereas the playlist is visible for the last 5 seconds.

Youtube End Screen Templates :

We often get confused when we have a lot of options. That's the case here also. We have a screen and 4 elements. Now, you can use any element and position it anywhere on the screen. What if I tell you Youtube provides a template for this also. It's Youtube guys, They know everything!! Let's check the template now.There are multiple options you can try with the Youtube End Screen..

You can access the template options from :

End Screen And Annotations -> Click On Use Template

Youtube End Screen Templates
Youtube End Screen Templates

End Screen Templates Combination:

1 Video 1 Subscribe

1 Video 1 Subscribe 1 Link

2 Videos

2 Videos 1 Subscribe

4 Videos

Annotations OR End Screen :

If you are already using Annotations on your videos then you can't use End Screen there. If you want to use End Screen then first, you have to remove annotations..

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