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If you are working in HealthCare Domain then you should try these HealthCare Management Certificates. These certificates will give you the basic and advanced understanding of the Healthcare domain. The courses are structured to cover each topic belong to Healthcare domain.As you move up to the hierarchy of certificates, you will be introduced to the much more advanced knowledge of HealthCare domain. These Healthcare Management Certificates are good for your career as well as for your knowledge.These courses are brought to you by the Academy for Healthcare Management (AHM). Sponsored by America’s Health Insurance Plans and the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, AHM relies on both associations’ decades of experience providing continuing education for health insurance plan professionals. AHM serves more than 1,300 health insurance plans caring for and providing coverage to more than 200 million people.

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Academy For HealthCare Management

This course will get you up to speed on the basic concepts of healthcare management and its various types of organizational structures. You will learn about major operational areas of health insurance plans as well as legislative, regulatory, and ethical issues that affect the industry.

Please register here to enroll in this course : AHM 250 Certificate
Course Cost :
  • $255 for Non-Members 
  • $195 for AHIP Members
Once the registration gets completed, you can log in and download the book for this course.

Professional, Academy For HealthCare Management

When you earn the Academy for Healthcare Management’s PAHM designation, you show professionals in the industry that you have a thorough grasp on of the fundamental building blocks of health insurance plans and their functions. You have to register for this also as mentioned above.

Fellow, Academy For HealthCare Management

Take this course, if you’re looking to position yourself as a seasoned healthcare management professional, the Academy for Healthcare Management’s FAHM designation program offers in-depth coursework focusing on specific operational areas. By pursuing this designation, you’ll gain a thorough orientation to current Healthcare developments.

The certificates that you need to complete to get this designation :

Healthcare Management: An Introduction (AHM 250)

You can get the details above.

Governance and Regulation (AHM 510)

This course describes the formation, types, and structure of healthcare management organizations. Along with the role of healthcare management in government-sponsored programs, you’ll learn the overall purpose and direction of healthcare management, the impact of fraud and abuse, and the role of public policy.

Get the details here : AHM 510

Health Plan Finance and Risk Management (AHM 520)

Get a comprehensive look at health insurance plan finance. You’ll learn about financial management techniques, funding, risk management, provider reimbursement, plan risk, pricing, underwriting, and rating methods.

Get the details here : AHM 520

Network Management (AHM 530)

Learn about the network management function in health insurance plans as this course provides you with insight into both network development strategies (risk management, recruiting, selection and contracting) and network maintenance strategies (managing provider performance and feedback). You’ll also learn about considerations for different types of networks.

Get the details here : AHM 530

Medical Management (AHM 540)

Explore medical policy and technology evaluation, appropriateness of care issues, authorization systems, and clinical practice guidelines. With this course, you’ll discover focused strategies for utilization management, including clinical paths and disease management. Quality management (QM) methods and strategies are also described.

Get the details here : AHM 540

Udemy course Featured :

Medical Coding, ICD-10-CM Training, Take this course to prepare yourself for the transition to ICD-10-CM. Learn medical coding and prepare yourself for today's healthcare workplace.

Managed HealthCare Professional

This is the biggest in this series. You must have an understanding of below mentioned Healthcare management courses for Managed HealthCare Professional. You need to complete below HealthCare certificates :

Fundamentals of Health Insurance, Part A (Basics of Health Insurance)

This online course is the place to start to master basic concepts and terminology of the health insurance industry. You’ll get a comprehensive overview of the business environment of insurance companies; learn about the various kinds of health insurance; and develop a working knowledge of how the insurance industry works, including contract provisions, underwriting, sales and marketing.

Get the details here : Part A Details

Fundamentals of Health Insurance, Part B (Basics of Company Operations)

This online course is a survival guide when it comes to understanding health insurance operations. You’ll gain a thorough introduction to business basics, including issuance and installation of policies; policy renewal and changes; premium billing and payment; claims administration; pricing; and state and federal regulation of insurance. Recently expanded and now offered in a convenient online format, this course brings you up to date on new developments, such as wellness programs, the medical home concept.

Get the details here : Part B Details

Healthcare Management: An Introduction (AHM 250)

Same as described above.

And , one of the following electives :

Health Insurance Advanced Studies, Part A

Broaden your knowledge of health insurance with this all-inclusive course. The interactive online curriculum will enhance your knowledge on a full range of topics within health insurance, including plan structures and alternatives, ACOs, Exchanges, Consumer-Directed Health Plans, employer rules, Medicare and Part D, Medicaid, tax treatment of medical expenses and high-benefit plans, HSAs, and planning tools including fraud detection.

Get the details here : Advanced Studies Details

Dental Benefits, Part A : An Overview of Dental Benefits And Dental Plans

Gain insight into why and how dental benefits and current trends evolved. This course provides you with an understanding of the types of dental plans, the similarities and differences between dental and medical insurance, as well as information on coverage inclusions and exclusions.

Get the details here : Dental benefits And Dental Plans

Fraud, Part I ( Introduction )

You’ll gain valuable insight from this broad overview of health insurance fraud. This self-study course focuses on investigative methods for detecting fraud and delves into the many areas in which fraud occurs, including fraud and abuse by providers, consumers, agents, and others.

Get the details here : Fraud, Part 1 Details

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